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Joe Wicks forced to cancel PE With Joe for first time EVER after wifi blunder throws show into chaos

The Sun


JOE Wicks has been forced to cancel PE With Joe for the first time after suffering wifi issues.

The frustrated fitness expert took to Twitter to reveal internet problems were stopping him from taking his free class.

He wrote: "Morning everybody. I’ve got some bad news. I’m running around the streets trying to find the open reach broadband bods because the internet to the house is down so the live workout on the app today didn’t happen and i can’t do PE with Joe for the first time ever.

"1MB per second upload speed just ain't going to cut it so I’m really sorry but I can’t do PE with Joe today. I can’t find the engineers but hopefully it’ll be back Monday with the internet up and running.

"So sorry everybody. If you’ve got kids or school teachers or anyone who’s about to do PE with Joe, it’s not going to happen today. I apologise."

Joe, who became a national hero last year when he began his daily workout sessions on YouTube, had previously managed to overcome any obstacles that threatened to derail the sessions.

His wife Rosie even filled in for him when he had to undergo surgery on his hand.

But he admitted defeat this morning despite his best efforts to source a quick fix.

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