Joe Biden dramatically told Donald Trump to ‘shut up’ during an ill-tempered exchange at their first presidential debate. Biden snapped after Trump harangued him about whether he would expand the US Supreme Court to redress its potential conservative majority.

Quizzed by Trump about his Supreme Court plans, Biden answered: ‘Whatever position i take on that, that will become the issue. The American people will go out and vote.’

Trump then repeatedly interrupted with ‘Are you going to pack the court?, He’s not going to answer that question? Why won’t you answer that question?’

Biden finally hit back, saying: ‘Will you shut up man! This is so unpresidential,’ and gave an exasperated sigh. Trump interrupted again with an attack on Biden’s former career as a senator and vice president, saying: ‘The people understand Joe, in 47 years, you’ve done nothing.’


Biden did manage to land his own blow during Tuesday’s night in Cleveland, Ohio, with a dig at Trump’s regular trips to the golf course during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: ‘You should get our of your bunker and get our of your sand trap in the golf course and fund what needs to be done to save lives. ‘