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Joe Biden could be ‘pre-emptively impeached’ after Democrats tried to force Trump from office, Fox News host says

JOE Biden could be “pre-emptively impeached” by Republicans after the Democrats impeached President Donald Trump and tried to force him from office, according to a Fox News host. 

During The Five on Wednesday, Greg Gutfeld suggested that Republicans could prep Biden to be impeached before he ever takes office, if he were to win the election.

The panel was talking about the allegations made by Tony Bobulinski, a man who’s said he was Hunter Biden’s business partner.

Bobulinski has claimed the Hunter consulted with his dad Joe after he left office on potential business dealings in China, which ultimately never came to fruition.

Kennedy questioned the allegations against Biden and compared them to the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress that led to Trump’s impeachment in December.

She said: “If Tony Bobulinski is saying Hunter Biden knew about all of this, if any of that is minutely proven and Joe Biden took a dime from any of that, then why wouldn’t you, if you are using the same threshold and the same standard, why would you not impeach Joe Biden?”

“That is why you have to be careful with these things, because at some point, the entire script will inconveniently flip.”

Co-panelist Greg Gutfeld chimed in: “Yes, impeachment is contagious.”

He then asked Juan Williams, the Democrat on the show: “Juan, why don’t the Republicans start pre-emptive impeachment on Joe Biden, in case he wins? They could start it tomorrow, what do you think?”

“I think that is a great show, great show, put that up there as an idea, I’m sure it would get primetime,” Williams said.

“For me, issue, the bottom line here is conspiracy theories are very entertaining, including possible impeachment hearing before the man is elected.

“But I would say, how credible is this guy?” Williams said of Bobulinski. 

Williams went on to say that “the Trump camp took him and all their documents to a house in Virginia and had a Wall Street Journal reporter.”

“Somebody at a credible newspaper, our own parent company, that reporter not only listened to him, but went through the documents and came to conclusion that Joe Biden did nothing wrong, no money changed hands to the Bidens.”

Williams is referring to an article from The New York Times last Sunday about the Journal going through Bobulinski’s documents that he claims back up his claims against the Bidens.

The Journal never ran with a story on it – much to the Trump campaign’s dismay – and instead reported: “Corporate records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show no role for Joe Biden.”

Williams told his panel of co-hosts: “I think, this just isn’t credible.”

He said the news media cares more about the coronavirus pandemic than allegations made against Biden. 

“That is why the media focuses on things people care about, like we can’t go inside restaurants even though it is getting cold, we can’t send our kids to school.

“That is what people care about, not wild conspiracy theories.”

But Gutfeld went on to address another panelist, Jesse Watters, saying: “The impeachment kept people from thinking or investigating Covid, go back to that origin story.”

“Jesse, it didn’t matter if the [Steele] dossier was legal, what happened in the dossier was legal or illegal, it was about being compromised, now the media is saying nothing illegal here, as if that mattered.”

“First of all, Juan’s claim that the Wall Street Journal debunked this story has been debunked,” Watters said.

“Second of all, I don’t think you read the Wall Street Journal article, they did not debunk this, they helped substantiate what they saw.”

“Jesse, go back, that’s so wrong,” Williams chimed in. “You shouldn’t tell people something like that.”

It’s unclear what “debunked Journal article” Watters was referring to. 

Trump was impeached in December 2019 by the House of Representatives, but was acquitted by the Senate in February.

He was the third US president in history to be formally charged under the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The House impeachment resolution laid out in stark terms the articles of impeachment against Trump stemming from a July phone call he made, asking the Ukrainian president for a “favor” – and to announce he was investigating Democrats, including Biden.

Tony Bobulinski reveals audio clip of Biden family fixer warning he'll 'bury us all' if he goes public with claims about Joe's business involvement

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