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Jinger Duggar slammed for ‘using’ her children to promote clothing brand after insisting she won’t post them for privacy


COUNTING On fans slammed Jinger Duggar for “using” her kids for online ads, despite insisting she wouldn’t post them for their own privacy.

The 27-year-old, who shares daughters Felicity and Evangeline with husband Jeremy Vuolo, posted a snap of her children to promote a clothing brand she’s partnered with.

Despite previously saying she wanted to give her kids some “privacy” by not posting about them on social media, she included her daughters in a post for the brand.

Both dressed in different orange dresses, the sisters sat on the grass outside, facing away from the camera, holding each other’s hands.

Jinger captioned the sponsored shot: “best friend : a person's closest and dearest friend ‘Don’t worry! Big sister is here.’ 

“Felicity is always running to help baby sister whenever she’s sad. It’s the sweetest thing to watch their relationship blossom. 

“Also, big sister is ALL about matching these days. I recently found @patpat_kids clothing. 

“They have such cute, quality, great price—even coordinating outfits! 

“Even though it doesn’t feel like Autumn weather, we will be over here rockin’ all the orange and eating all the pumpkin things!  🎃 #patpat #patpatkidsclothes #patpatpartner”

“If you want to keep your children out of the public than do so,” one wrote. “But don’t use them as a prop to be an influencer.”

Another said: “Don’t show them at all if that's what you are doing. We would love to see sweet faces but not just for your financial support”

A third commented: “They don’t post photos of their kids for personal privacy reasons but have no issue doing it when they get paid $$$”

Others continued to call Jinger out, with one user saying: “The second you get offered some cash you start using your kids for a buck. Yeah didnt take long did it”

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