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Jewelery ideas that can be used to detect spiked drinks designed by up-and-coming students of Ayrshire entrepreneurs

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs have generated cash for schools with ingenious inventions in a wide range of business contests atAyrshire.

Three Ayrshire council schools participated in the Sir Tom Hunter Challenge Final, and students presented their business plans to the jury in a Dragon's Den style contest.

A team representing the Air Academy, Belmont Academy, Grange Academy, St. Joseph Academy, and Garnock Community Campus will join Sir Tom Hunter, Gordon Lenny, and Gro Coffee on the center stage of Kilmarnock where the event was held. I presented my business plan to Fiona Mackenzie. hold.

South Ayrshire's Belmont Academy has won the top spot in the business ideas of Team Heart Hues on jewelry that can be used to detect if a drink has been spiked.

Heart Hues' final product, Drink Jewel, was a rocket with a removable strip used to detect spikes.

There is also code that allows the app to be accessed with information about what to do if the user receives a positive result.

The team of Sarra, Grace, Violet, Shannon, Sara, Evie and Daisy earned £ 5,000 at school.

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. Establish an enterprise fund that allows any school student to apply for funding for real enterprising ideas.

Heart Hues states:

"I feel that this has opened up many opportunities for us and something really good has happened that we can look back on in the next few years."

Grange Academy took second place with their food waste app, Unwasteful
Grange Academy ranked second in the food waste app Unwasteful

Second place was Grange Academy with the food waste app Unwasteful.

This app allows users to track usage up to or before the date of purchased food, so that "forgotten food" in cupboards, refrigerators and freezers can be bottled. Can be prevented.

This will reduce food waste and bring economic benefits to local families.

Gro Coffee's Gordon Rennie was really impressed with Unwasteful. She also added that she could help the food industry manage inventory better and increase profitability.

Khulood, Emma and Heather's S4 team earned £ 3,000 at school.

St Josephs Academy came in joint fourth place, securing £1500 for their school
St. Joseph Academy jointly came in fourth and secured £ 1500 for the school

St. Joseph Academy Team Jointly ranked 4th and £ 1500 to school at the business pitch of Magno-Maze, an innovative interactive wall-mounted or tabletop game designed for people with autism.

This game is used in the sensory room of Rugby Park, which Kilmarnock plans for fans or fan relatives to use on match days.

And Fiona Mackenzie was also very impressed with the design and shared that it could be used in the sensory room designed for the Centrestage for neurodiversity children and adults.

Ayr Academy came in third place
Air Academy is in 3rd place

Air Academy S4 students Mia, Blair, David and Fati are in 3rd place Was awarded £ 2000. school.

Garnock Community Campus placed joint fourth
Garnock Community Campus is the fourth co-located

And the North Ayrshire students jointly finished fourth and returned the £ 1,500 prize to the Garnock Community Campus.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter said: Their motivation, determination and innovation were absolute inspiration.

"We now need to continue to support these early entrepreneurs as much as they can. They are very proud of all of us in Ayrshire."

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