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Jewellery brand Pandora to stop using mined diamonds in favour of man-made ones


JEWELLERY giant Pandora will stop mining diamonds and produce man-made ones instead.

The company said the move was to address environmental concerns.

Its UK lab-grown gems will be made using hydrocarbon gas mixtures heated to 800C, leading to the creation of layers of carbon atoms.

The Danish jeweller’s collection is made using at least 60 per cent renewable energy, too.

It made 85 million pieces of jewellery last year and sold 50,000 diamonds, but now wants to provide affordable, sustainably created products.

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Boss Alexander Lacik said: "Diamonds are not only forever, but for everyone."

He said switching to more eco-friendly ways of creating diamonds was "the right thing to do" and added: "We can essentially create the same outcome as nature has created, but at a very, very different price."

Artificial creation of diamonds has sky-rocketed in recent years and the price has been slashed, making many replica products more affordable.

Ex-Pandora worker reveals the store’s secrets including how to nab replacement jewellery at ANY time

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