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Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick & Sammi Giancola are the ‘most beautiful’ of the cast, according to the Golden Ratio

JERSEY Shore stars Angelina Pivarnick and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola are the "most beautiful" of the cast, according to the Golden Ratio.

An expert examined their features using the Golden Ratio, a math formula dating back centuries, which according to the ancient Greeks determines "perfection."

The ratio is a way of measuring physical perfection; the idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part, or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes.

It is worked out by analyzing the forehead to nose to chin areas.

Lucy Williams, the owner of Aurielle Aesthetics, analyzed several pics of the Jersey Shore cast to see how the star's faces scored, according to the formula.

Angelina Pivarnick

Williams revealed: "Angelina has had a stunning transformation; her face shape has changed from an oval to heart shape face which is the most requested face shape.

"Her face shape has changed mainly due to the upper part of her face being wider and her cheeks more defined which suggests she may have had cheek filler.

"There are clearly a lot of changes to Angelina’s face as well as her upper face being wider, her lower face appears slimmer especially around the jawline, this may be due to weight loss, or she could have had some Botox in her masseter muscle also known as jawline slimming.

"Her nose also appears thinner along the bridge and the tip, suggesting that has had a surgical rhinoplasty.

"She also has fuller lips in line with lip filler. Angelina has a perfect golden ratio as well as having the most beautiful face shape she is equal in symmetry across all fifths of her face and has the most balanced face out of all of her Jersey Shore cast."

Angelina has not been shy about revealing her long list of plastic surgery procedures, ranging from modifying her body to changing up her face.


"Sammi is just beautiful. A true natural beauty, in my opinion," Williams expressed.

"She has a beautiful symmetry to her face. Sammi’s width to length ratio is perfect and she is equal across all parts giving her the perfect golden ratio.

"Sammi has kept her oval face shape over the years, but the upper part of her face appears shorter than her before, this may be due to her thicker and more defined eyebrows.

"Her lips appear naturally fuller in her after picture suggesting she may have had a subtle lip filler.

"Sammi’s tip of her nose also appears slightly lifted and more defined suggesting she may have had a tiny amount of nose filler also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty.


"Snooki's face shape hasn’t massively changed over the years," Williams told The Sun.

"She has a beautiful heart-shaped face and the width to length ratio is perfect in her after picture, approximately 1.5 times the length as it is the width – which is perfect in regard to the golden ratio.

"In Snooki's after picture, I would say that her cheeks and lips appear to have slightly more volume suggesting that she may have had cheek and lip fillers.

"The results are super subtle and natural which, in my opinion, is how it should be to keep people guessing if you have had work done or not."


Williams explained: "JWoww's features have clearly changed from her before and after picture.

"She has very subtle and petite features in her before with a combination of an oval and round face shape.

"Her face has changed to a heart face shape with her cheeks wider and more defined, so I believe she may have had cheek fillers. The first thing I’m drawn to is Jwoww's nose and lips, which are significantly different.

"Her nose appears smaller and lifted, which is typical of a surgical rhinoplasty and her lips fuller in line with lip fillers. She also appears quite frozen in her appearance suggesting she may have had Botox to the upper part of her face.

"Jwoww has a perfect eyebrow to eye golden ratio, her eyes also appear larger and her eyebrows lifted which may suggest she has had a lift with nonsurgical threads or botox."


"Deena is unrecognizable in her after picture, you wouldn’t believe that this is the same person," Williams stated.

"Deena's face shape has changed slightly from an oval face shape to a square and oval face shape which is mainly due to changes in the upper part of her face.

"Deena's eyebrows seem significantly higher suggesting she may have had threads or botox to lift them. Her cheeks appear more defined and her tear trough softer, suggesting she may have had cheek and tear trough fillers.

"The lower part of her face remains similar with a strong jawline and chin, however in her after picture her chin appears slightly fuller and defined which is in line with someone who may have had chin filler.

"Her lips also appear fuller in her before picture suggesting she may have previously had lip fillers. In her after picture, they are a lot smaller with less volume which suggests that she may have had these lip fillers dissolved.

"Although not a perfect golden ratio, her pupils are in perfect line with her lips and she has a lovely symmetry across the fifths of her face."


As for the men, Ronnie is apparently the most handsome of the group with a very symmetrical face.

"Ronnie's face shape has changed from a round face shape to a rectangle," Williams explained.

"This is due to his face being significantly thinner which may be due to a combination of weight loss and fat-dissolving injections, along the chin and jawline area.

"The upper part of Ronnie's face is longer in his after picture, which may be due to hair loss over the years and potentially some botox giving the skin a smoother appearance.

"His facial thirds are all equal and have a lovely balance giving him a perfect golden ratio."


"Mike has an oval face shape which has hardly changed over the years," Williams analyzed.

"He still looks fresh and wrinkle-free, suggesting he may be having regular botox treatments to keep his wrinkles at bay.

"Mike's hairline does appear fuller and more rounded at the front suggesting that he may have had a hair transplant.

"Mike has an overall harmony to his face and his face is equally segmented into fifths giving him a balanced golden ratio."


"Pauly D's rectangular face shape hasn’t changed over the years, the slight difference that I have noticed is Pauly's chin which appears straighter and more defined where it was round before," Williams explained.

"I believe he may have had filler to give his chin a more manly appearance.

"His forehead also appears shiny and of smooth appearance suggesting he may have had botox. His facial thirds are split equally giving him a perfect golden ratio."


"Vinny like Mike has an oval face shape and hasn't really changed over the years," Williams said.

"Just like Mike, he appears fresh and wrinkle-free, suggesting he may also be having regular Botox treatments.

"He has a perfect width to length ratio giving him an overall balanced golden ratio."

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