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Jeremy Corbyn heckled as ‘IRA scum’ when he arrives in key Dudley marginal

JEREMY Corbyn was branded "IRA scum" by crowds in a key marginal constituency today over his links to the terror group.

The Labour leader was heckled by a small mob in Dudley as he attended Upper Gornal Pensioners Club.

He was immediately ushered into the building while being flanked by police.

One fuming local appeared to ask him if he would be attending the memorial to the Birmingham IRA bombing victims on the 45th anniversary today.

The Leftie boss has already been slammed as "crass" for choosing to launch Labour's "manifesto of hope" on the city on the day of the anniversary.

Twenty-one people were killed and 182 injured when the IRA blew up two pubs on 21 November, 1974.


It is not the first time that Corbyn has sparked fury with attacks linked to the terror group.

He chose to hold a parliamentary meeting with convicted IRA terrorists just days after the Brighton bombing which killed five people.

And Corbyn was also in the past close to magazine the London Labour Briefing, which ran an infamous editorial after the sickening murders claiming that “the British only sit up and take notice when they are bombed into it.”

This year saw nearly 40 victims of the sick IRA atrocities demand an apology, accusing the Labour leader of “giving succour” to terrorists.

They demanded he condemn the terrorist campaign waged by the IRA in the 1970s and 1980s.

But self-confessed pacifist Corbyn repeatedly failed to condemn IRA violence in an interview in 2015 when he was asked five times to do so.

Corbyn would have been hoping to get the town on his side as Dudley is one of the top areas with the power to swing seats and get Boris Johnson back into No 10.

Dudley North is currently represented by Ian Austin - who resigned from Labour earlier this year.

The constituency is already considered an easy win for the Tories thanks to their leave-voting locals - with the latest drama playing even further into their general election dream of snatching key votes from Labour.

And in a further blow to the PM-hopeful, Nigel Farage revealed he would stand down in 317 areas where the Tories won in 2017, to avoid splitting the vote completely for Leave and allowing Labour to get through.

Now, a new stunning poll suggests Labour's Melanie Onn will lose her pivotal Great Grimsby seat to the Conservatives despite a 2,565 majority.


Earlier this month, Mr Austin wrote in The Sun about how he was leaving Labour to join the Tories as Corbyn is "completely unfit to be Prime Minister".

In a scathing comment piece, the MP slammed the party for the anti-Semitism scandal, adding: "Since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, MPs have been hounded out because they are Jewish or because of their support for the Jewish people."

He accused Labour of turning a "blind eye" to "appalling racism by party members".

Mr Austin also accused Corbyn, John McDonnell and "their allies" of providing "succour to extremists, terrorists and murderers".

He said: "When Labour stood with the Tory government against IRA terrorism in the 1980s, Corbyn extended the hand of friendship.

"When Labour had the chance to vote for action against the IS barbarians, Corbyn declined.

"And when Vladimir Putin ordered an act of terror on British soil, Corbyn failed to stand against Russia’s murderous bullying. When it comes to security, the Labour leadership are a clear threat to the UK’s safety and way of life."

Corbyn proudly launched Labour’s general election manifesto today - but his fantasy spending plans were slammed as “not credible” by an economics expert.

The Labour boss plans to pay for his Marxist vision of 1970s-style re-nationalisation by raising £82.9bn with a series of 12 tax hikes.

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