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Jeremy Corbyn has nothing left to give up for Lent as he’s a veggie, teetotaller and penny pincher, aides say

The Sun


JEREMY Corbyn has nothing left to give up for Lent, his aides said.

The Labour leader became vegetarian at 20 and is also teetotal.

He is known for being careful with money and said he only turns his heating on at home in late November.

His spokesman said Mr Corbyn even stops the heating being used in his Parliamentary office.

Asked what the outgoing Labour boss is giving up for Lent, a spokesman said: “He’s given so many things up already that there’s very little left.

“If you work with Jeremy, you’ll know that the heating is rarely turned on, there’s not a lot of meat available, so he’s a bit short of things to give up.

Certainly the booze is a bit skimpy.”

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