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Jeremy Corbyn & Diane Abbott wade into Israel: Rally protesters outside Israeli embassy

Israel-Palestine: Expert warns of ‘more bloodshed’ ahead

Mr Corbyn and ex-shadow home secretary Diane Abbott were among those who spoke after tens of thousands marched there. Veteran left-winger Mr Corbyn blamed the violence on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. He said: “Innocent lives are being lost all because of the occupation of Palestine... The way forward is quite simply this – the occupation of Palestine must end.” 

He demanded “unconditional recognition of the state of Palestine” and the right of people “not to have their land taken”.

Ms Abbott told crowds they were part of a “worldwide movement for justice”. She said: “Palestinians are having their land seized and being killed in their homes. It is illegal.”

The mass protest was organised by groups including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop The War Coalition, CND and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Husam Zomlot, the Palestinian ambassador to the UK, told the crowds: “This time is different. We have had enough of oppression.”

Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn blamed the violence on Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory (Image: PA)

A minute’s silence was held after the names and ages of children killed in the conflict were read out.

Public figures attacking Israel on social media have been warned they risk stoking division, with Jewish communities being forced to bring in extra security after an increased level of threats.

Fiona Sharpe, of Labour Against Anti-Semitism, said: “We would urge all public figures to avoid tweeting anything that could inflame the situation and also endanger the Jewish community.”

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