Jeremy Corbyn chuckled as a charity worker revealed a "f*** Boris" necklace while on the campaign trail.

The Labour Party leader bumped into dad-of-one Matt Read, from Bristol, in London.

Mr Road, 30, was working with a charity initiative and couldn't resist the opportunity to show Mr Corbyn his anti-Johnson necklace, Bristol Live reports .

A video shared on  Twitter shows him initially admiring Mr Read's necklace, telling him "very nice".

But Mr Corbyn was encouraged to look at it properly, and after putting his glasses on he smiled when he realised what the jewellery actually said.

The exchange has since gone viral on social media and has been shared more than 60,000 times on Twitter.

Matt Read couldn't resist showing Jeremy Corbyn his necklace

Describing the chance encounter, Mr Read said: "I work with a youth-led initiative and Jeremy was next door doing an interview with Pink News.

"Naturally, we had to say hi as he was leaving and I figured I'm never going to get this opportunity again.

"The pendant is by a friend's independent business and she said she's seen a huge spike in sales since the tweet went viral."

Mr Corbyn found the whole thing very amusing

Explaining his choice of jewellery, Mr Read added: "Mental health is a cause close to my heart and unfortunately, I've seen first hand, the damning effects Tory cuts have had on our mental health services.

"We are in unchartered waters right now and unless something drastic happens more people, young and old are going to fall victim to Conservative austerity cuts.

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"I'm trying to do my bit with  My Positive Pledge  but I'm just one man - what we need is reform."

My Positive Pledge is an internet campaign started by Mr Read to help others make positive changes in their lives, which you can read about  here  .