Jeremy Clarkson said he was 'heartbroken' for a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire who made a huge error costing him £15,000.

Justin Beattie proved his intelligence from the start, winning Fastest Finger first with a time of 3.92 seconds.

And he flew through the questions, reaching £16,000 without using any lifelines.

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Deciding to set his second safety net at £32k, Justin seemed to know the answer to the next question straight away.

Host Jeremy asked: "What sportsman retired aged just 26, before making an unsuccessful return to competition eight years later."

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Justin couldn't believe his bad luck

The options were A) Bjorn Borg B) Alain Prost C) George Foreman or D) Carl Lewis.

After working through the answers, giving an explanation of why it couldn't be A, B or C, Justin confidently selected Carl Lewis.

However, his face dropped when Jeremy informed Justin he had chosen the wrong answer, with the correct option being Bjorn Borg.

Jeremy said: "You've just lost £15,000, I'm heartbroken for you as well."

Justin then made a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire first by swearing out loud.

Jeremy added: "That's a first, no one has ever said that."

Fans watching at home were also stunned by Justin's costly slip-up.

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Grace tweeted: "Oh dear... especially after the 2-minute explanation."

Andrew wrote: "He seemed like a top bloke, but I’m as gobsmacked as him about the answer."

Pat said: "Clever guy, but should have used his lifelines! Perhaps the nerves got the better of him."

And Wayne wrote: "Wtf just happened???"