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Jen Psaki says Biden deserves CREDIT for ‘improvements’ at Mexico border after ‘four years of destruction’ under Trump

WHITE House Press Secretary Jen Psaki slammed the Trump Administration for proliferating the surge in migration at the border, and instead said people should be praising Joe Biden for his efforts.

During her press briefing on Tuesday, Psaki said Biden was working hard to undo the last four years of immigration policy at the hands of the Trump administration, saying "clearly we're not done, there's a lot of work ahead."

"After four years of an immigration system rooted in destructive and chaotic policies, President Biden is taking the challenge head on and is building a fair, orderly, and human immigration system," Psaki said. "That’s our objective."

The press secretary said Biden deserves credit for his administration's current handling of the surge in migrants at the border, and listed a number of accomplishments attributable to the president.

Improving conditions at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities, doubling the agency's intake processing of unaccompanied minors, and working to reunify families are among some of the efforts Psaki listed.

However, she warned, that those efforts are still not helping slow down the number of migrants attempting to enter the country.

"Migration is a dynamic and evolving challenge, but the president has a plan and we are working on implementing it," she said.

The country has experienced a dramatic jump in deportations and detentions since May 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic saw a large spark in migration at the border as CBP officers were tasked with less patrolling and intake of migrants.

Numbers have especially skyrocketed in February of this year after the Biden Administration rescinded a number of Trump's executive orders that curbed immigration into the country.

These include a temporary deportation moratorium, pausing border wall construction, recalling the “Remain in Mexico” policy requiring asylum-seekers to wait in their native countries until their claims were processed, and a number of reversals of other Trump-era enforcement measures.

The agency had detained over 172,000 migrants in March of this year, the highest number of detentions the agency had carried out in 15 years.

In the same month, unaccompanied minors entered the country in record numbers.

The Biden Administration worked with the Department of Homeland Security to find accomodations for the number of children, leading to many videos surfacing of detention facilities filled to the seams with children sleeping on mylar blankets.

When asked about the migration crisis at the border, Biden said in a news conference on March 25: "the truth of the matter is nothing has changed. It happens every single, solitary year."

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