Jamie Carragher claims he will appear in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The former Liverpool player turned pundit was dropped in it by Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville during a conversation with David Seaman.

Kelly Cates was clearly unsure as to whether the pair, who are often joking with each other, were being serious of simply winding each other up.

“Dave, you’ve been on Strictly Come Dancing and Carra’s been asked to go on the next series,” said Neville, speaking on Sky Sports’ Football Show

“No, no,” said Seaman. “It was Dancing on Ice, mate!”

Quickly apologising but laughing hysterically, Neville said: “Sorry, Dancing on Ice. I knew it was one of those programmes!

Jamie Carragher will be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing

“But Carra’s been asked to go on, so what advice would you give him?”

Carragher nodded and sat smiling before asking the legendary Gunners goalkeeper: “What do you think, Dave?”

Seaman said: “What are you doing, Dancing on Ice or Strictly?”

Carragher cheekily replied: “I’m doing Strictly.”

Seaman countered: “Can you dance?”

To which Carragher said: “We’ll find out. I’ll have a go. After a few bevies down me. I’ll have a go.”

David James is a previous Strictly Come Dancing contestant

Seaman laughed, saying: “I don’t even dance when I’ve had a few bevies down me, so that’s why I’d say no. I’m looking forward to this. I’m definitely go to watch him {Carragher]. But Dancing on Ice is the harder one!”

Carragher thanked Seaman for his advice before host Kelly Cates - daughter of Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish - said: “Half of the time I don’t know whether he’s joking or not!

“Carer could be going on Strictly… I just don’t know.”

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