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James Jordan reveals he googled tips to make his todger look bigger ahead of Strictly The Real Full Monty

BEING booked to strip off on telly is enough to make even the most confident of celebrities think twice about that extra slice of pizza.

Pasty skin will be getting spray-tanned and unkempt body hair given a trim ahead of Strictly The Real Full Monty.

For those taking part in the event to raise awareness of cancer, the naughty reveal is a big deal.

Just ask former Strictly pro James Jordan, who took preparation to great lengths.

He was so worried about how his todger would compare to the other stars, like troop leader Ashley Banjo, he googled how he could make his willy look bigger.

James said: “I’m not young, I’m not looking like I did when I was on Strictly. I’ve been running and I’ve lost nearly two stone.

"I was quite conscious about getting my body out and people going, ‘Wasn’t that the guy who used to be on Strictly?’

Also, and this is the honest truth, I’m with Colin Jackson, and Teddy Soares from Love Island — there was a moment on that show where they were all talking about how big he is — and then Ashley.

So I googled, ‘How to make willy look bigger’ and top of the list was to lose weight. So I did.”

James is one of the 12 celebrities taking part in this year’s ITV extravaganza, filmed in the Empress Ballroom at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. The dance routine will include a mix of styles and close with a mass striptease.

James, whose dancer wife Ola is also taking part in the show, added: “I’m not looking forward to that at all. Especially standing next to someone like Ashley because apparently it’s in proportion and he’s 6ft 6in.”

Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts was just as concerned.

He added: “I said when I came on this, ‘As long as I’m not with the Chippendales . . . ’

“And I’m with an Olympian, a Love Island super-hunk, an Adonis from a boy band and a professional dancer. I did actually have a bit of a meltdown.”

Strictly The Real Full Monty is on ITV on December 13 and 14 at 9pm.


THEY spent a summer in their swimwear hunting romance in the Love Island villa.

But Demi Jones and Teddy Soares are not taking part in Strictly The Real Full Monty just to show off their toned bods.

Demi, who came third on Love Island in 2020 alongside Luke Mabbott, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May.

She is currently waiting on tests to see if treatment has worked and says the rehearsals have left her exhausted.

Demi added: “The thyroid controls all your hormones, your energy levels, so I am tired all the time.”

Meanwhile Teddy, who came third on this year’s Love Island alongside Faye Winter, says the show has been like the therapy he never had following his dad’s death when he was just 13.


TV viewers won’t see the celebs’ naughty bits due to clever lighting. But live, it is an X-rated reveal.

COLEEN NOLAN, who co-hosted the past three series, said: “The year before last I was saying, ‘You don’t see anything, watch the boys’.

Then they threw their hats off and we went, ‘Woah!’”


THEY’VE been pals ever since appearing together in stage musical Chicago 14 years ago.

So Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards was over the moon when she learned Blue’s Duncan James was also ready to strip.

The singer and telly host, who is five years free of breast cancer, needed the support as she worried about her family’s reaction to baring all.

Brenda was brought up by her religious aunt, Pamela.

She said: “I had a hard time just telling my family I’m doing this. It’s a massive thing for me, family-wise. I’m in a panic at the moment but I’ve got Duncan as a partner.”

He was also stressed about family reaction and added: “My mum’s coming to watch the performance. She ain’t seen my willy since I was five!

“I’m like, ‘Mum, please, when we do it, close your eyes’. It’s embarrassing.

“It’s your mum and she’s in the audience and she’s bringing her mates. It’s awkward!”


EASTENDERS’ LAILA MORSE went to the doctor after finding a lump – but only after soap co-star WENDY RICHARD made her.

The actress, who plays Big Mo, was diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years ago.

At 76, Laila is the oldest celebrity to strip off for the special, which also includes presenter Martin Roberts.

But she signed up to prompt viewers to take action, just like Wendy – who died in 2009 – did for her.

Laila said: “I found this lump and I thought, ‘Ah, it can’t be much’. So I went into work and I told Wendy and she said, ‘Go to the doctor’.

“Within two weeks I’d had the test done, a mammogram, and I had breast cancer.

“Wendy died from the second lot of cancer she had. And if it hadn’t been for her, I don’t think I would be here today really.”


MUM-of-three Christine McGuinness has had little time to nurture her own career and enjoy a showbiz lifestyle.

But the wife of Top Gear and A Question Of Sport host Paddy says being part of Strictly The Real Full Monty has opened her eyes to what working in telly is like – so she banned her other half from getting involved too.

Christine said: “My husband has been in showbiz for 20 years. I was never a part of that because I stayed at home with the children.

"Now I’m doing these little bits and I’m like, ‘Wow, he’s been doing this all this time and I’ve been sat at home’.

“It was only in my thirties that I realised I wanted to do a little more, so I did bits on The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.

“But even with that, I didn’t get the bond that I’ve got here, and I was on that show for two years.”

Christine added that she is stripping off for the show as a “little thank you” to her mum Joanne, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.


SHE has appeared on Strictly hundreds of times in skimpy frocks.

But Ola Jordan was terrified of the Fully Monty strip.

She said: “I’m very nervous but hearing everyone’s stories does make you think, ‘It’s just a pair of boobs’.

It’s still nerve-wracking but is that the worst thing if it helps someone?”


COLIN JACKSON knows how speaking up about cancer can save lives.

The former Olympic hurdler joined the strip in the name of two of his uncles, who suffered from prostate cancer.

Colin said: “One unfortunately died and one survived, luckily. And looking back, the one that actually passed away was the silent one.

“He never did anything about it, never spoke about any symptoms.

“He would muscle his way through life, thinking, ‘This will be absolutely fine, I’ll get through it’.

“My uncle who survived survived because he spoke about it. He questioned, he asked, he noticed things and he went to seek help.

“And that help he got is why he’s with us today.”

Colin also spoke about men’s reluctance to seek help.

He said: “We have far too many good men and great men who die too soon because they have too much pride.”

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