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James Bulger’s dad fears Jon Venables may kill again if freed as parole board block release over sexual violence lust

JAMES Bulger's dad fears Jon Venables may kill another child if freed as the Parole Board blocks his release over his sexual violence obsession.

Officials ruled Venables, 38, is porn-obsessed and would remain behind bars after being caged in 2018 for having child abuse images.

But James's dad Ralph Bulger, 54, is adamant last month's Parole Board decision proves Venables should be caged for life.

He told The Mirror: "I believe the only way to prevent him from killing another baby like James is to keep him locked up for life.

"The board’s ­decision shouts loud and clear that his handlers admit they got it wrong in the past and he is not safe to be released.

“Children will never be safe with Venables living among them.


“He downloaded thousands of images of child sex crimes, that’s a lot of victims.

“How can anyone say this monster is safe to live among us ever again?"

Venables was 10 years old when he and Robert Thompson - also 10 at the time - murdered James, two, in Liverpool in 1993.

The evil pair served eight years in prison for the horrific killing before being freed on licence with lifelong anonymity.

Venables, 38, was caged again in 2010 for having child abuse images on his computer and released in 2013 under another new identity.

The only way to prevent him from killing another baby like James is to keep him locked up for life.

Ralph Bulger

Venables was recalled to prison for the same offence in 2017 and in 2018 he was jailed for 40 months.

He was refused parole last month after his application was denied.

The board’s report said: “The risk factors at the time of his offending included an attraction to sexual violence.

"Features as an adult included a tendency to turn to sex or ­pornography.”

It was reported in 2018 that Venables could get taxpayer-funded plastic surgery to further protect his anonymity.

Ralph - backed by James’ uncle Jimmy - fought to have the anonymity order protecting Venables lifted because of his repeat offending.

Speaking last month, he said: "I’ve always believed Venables will kill another child again if he is allowed back into the community."

Audio of police interview containing Jon Venables' admission to killing Jamie Bulger

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