After Jake and girlfriend Sophie Church paid tribute to his late brother Oliver with the name of their baby boy, Leo Oliver, Jake revealed he was accused of attention seeking.

Jake also shared a gorgeous snap of him and his baby boy after his birth, with the singer topless while his son slept on his chest - encouraging skin-to-skin with the newborn.

Again, he was targeted online by trolls over the snap - something he has now admitted he found "upsetting" especially as he was advised by the nurses to be topless, for skin-to-skin contact.

Jake Quickenden and Sophie Church
Jake Quickenden has vowed to ignore trolls, after sharing he and his newborn baby boy Leo were targeted with sick and hateful comments

He and Sophie hit out at those who have sent the pair horrific messages during the pregnancy and after Leo's birth, but they are determined not to give them the spotlight they crave.

Speaking on Lorraine in their first TV interview with baby Leo, and his older brother Freddie also making an appearance, the happy couple shared how they were finding the big change in their lives days after welcoming him into the family.

Jake said: "I feel like I’m not sleeping because I’m just worrying. I'm worried about him all the time, this is a new feeling for me. I should be sleeping when he is seeping but I’m just watching him."

Jake Quickenden with baby Leo on his chest
Jake also shared a gorgeous snap of him and his baby boy after his birth, with the singer topless while his son slept on his chest

He also praised stepson Freddie for big an amazing big brother to little Leo, as he shared his joy over his first baby.

Jake told host Lorraine Kelly: "Freddie is just the best big brother. When he met him he was so excited and asking if there was anything he can do, he's feeding him, asking if he's okay, he’s just the best."

On the trolling, Jake revealed: "For us and for me especially, Oliver was my best mate and I'll always go on about him cos the more we talk about Oliver his memory lives on.

Lorraine Kelly speaks to Jake and Sophie
On the trolling, Jake revealed he couldn't understand them targeting his baby boy

"When people have a child, they often name them after a parent or grandparent, but these trolls thought it was me trying to get attention.

"We give trolls too much of a spotlight and I’m just gonna try and stop doing that now. I don’t understand why someone would hate on a newborn baby, and someone they have never met.

"It doesn’t make any sense, it is really upsetting but we're trying to make it not tarnish the moment cos I haven't stopped smiling.

"There should be something to stop these people but there is nothing to stop them. To wish death on an unborn baby when Sophie was carrying him, and the hateful comments when he was born about me having my top off when the midwife told me to, to do skin-to-skin.

"I’m just doing what I am told. I’m a new dad, I don’t know what I’m doing!"

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