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Jake Paul mocks Mayweather again by selling ‘gotcha hat’ merch to go with tattoo after brawl at brother Logan’s face off


JAKE PAUL continued his mocking of Floyd Mayweather - by selling 'gotcha hat' merch.

The YouTuber has launched a whole range of items available on his website taking a pop at the boxing legend.

Items include a range of hats and caps at £18 each, hoodies up to £43 and even a £7 mug.

It follows Paul getting 'gotcha hat' and an image of a cap tattooed on his leg as a permanent reminder of the chaos that unfolded at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Jake's older brother faced off with Mayweather ahead of their June 6 exhibition bout when the younger Paul shouted 'you wanna make it two in one night' to the 50-0 king.

As he made his way over to confront the YouTuber, fired-up Mayweather said: "Yes."

Drama then ensued when Jake stole Mayweather's hat - with the pair eventually separated by their entourages.

A member of Floyd's team did catch Paul, 24, leaving him with a vicious black eye.

But rather than shy away from the incident, Paul sought to capitalise on the publicity.

As well as the inking and merchandise, he also changed his Twitter name to the his new favourite phrase.


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Gotcha Hat Merch

After the fracas Mayweather was heard shouting: "When I catch you, motherf***er, I'll kill you motherf***er! You crazy?!

"I don't know who the f*** he thinks he's playing with, but I don't play no motherf***ing games!"

And after being dragged away, the furious boxer was then heard shouting: "I'll kill that motherf***er."

It comes as SunSport exclusively revealed Mayweather is considering a return to professional boxing - and in his sights are the younger Paul, a rematch with Conor McGregor and a dust-up with Billy Joe Saunders - if the Brit can overcome Canelo Alvarez tonight.

Floyd Mayweather clashes with Jake Paul after first face-off with YouTuber’s brother Logan Paul

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