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Jacqueline Jossa reveals she gets sent ‘vile messages every single day’ after troll claimed she has ‘a double chin’

JACQUELINE Jossa revealed she gets sent vile messages every day after a troll claimed she had a double chin.

The actress opened up about the abuse she faces on social media and admitted she was shocked that people were surprised by it.

Speaking on Instagram, she said: "Every single day without fail there will be someone in the DMs being absolutely vile to me, and there will be someone in the DMs being absolutely vile to every single person that's in the public eye, saying horrible things, getting into their brains.

"There should be something that's done about it. Even something as simple as showing a form of ID before you get a profile.

"We should all be held accountable for our actions. We shouldn't be able to make seven different accounts to abuse the same person, so something should be done about it."

Yesterday Jacqueline refused to be bullied by a cruel troll who told her she was 'fat'.

The 28-year-old has lost 8lb on her recent 'healthy reboot', but apparently that was not enough for the troll who took the time to slide into her DMs to bully her.

After Jac posted a glam selfie to promote her cosmetic range, the troll messaged her.

The actress then shared their exchange to her stories.

"You getting fat," the troll wrote.

The actress shot back: "Oo really, you think? I think I've lost some weight... But you would know best babe."

The troll replied: "You sure you got a double chin."

Jacqueline fired back: "In the picture above you think I have a double chin? Really.. Oo thanks."

She then sent a photo of herself deliberately pulling a double chin.

Jac added: "Think this has a double chin... not the one above... but thanks so much for your concern.

"Stay cute x."

She then told them "will do it for you darling" after the troll replied, "keep up the weight loss".

Last month Jacqueline revealed she's lost "over half a stone" but still has more to go.

The former EastEnders star said she's been on a healthy kick, which has seen her shed the pounds.

Speaking in a Q&A with fans, Jacqueline told fans how much she'd lost but insisted there was still more to go.

One fan said: "How much weight have you lost x"

She replied: "I don't actually know and this week I haven't looked. But over half a stone. But I've got a while to go."

Earlier in the day she admitted to being on a "healthy reboot plan".

Jac has been juggling her new fitness routine with being a mum to Ella, six, and Mia, two, with husband Dan Osborne.

The Queen of the Jungle previously said feels more "confident and positive" after starting her weight loss journey.

She joked that she had piled on the lockdown weight and was ready to get back into shape.

The former soap star has started a new fitness routine involving various workouts - but is yet to tell her fans what these exercises include.

She explained: "I need to know what I'm doing is correct and right for me before I share it with you guys, because I don't want to be messing with your lives."

Jacqueline Jossa shares cruel messages from vile trolls who called her 'chunky'

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