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Jack Grealish and girlfriend Sasha Attwood forced to move out of Manchester flat after fans worked out where he lived

JACK Grealish has been forced to move out of his swanky Manchester apartment after fans discovered his location.

The winger, who made history this summer with his £115million transfer to Man City, moved over concerns for the safety of himself and his girlfriend Sasha Attwood.

A source said: “Jack had been living in a nice apartment in Manchester but recently fans have started to congregate outside.

“It’s all very innocent at the moment and those who have been waiting around are people who adore Jack and want to get pictures and autographs.

“However looking at the bigger picture, it’s not ideal that people know his building – especially given the threats Sasha has endured.

“For safety he has now relocated and is no longer at the property he has been living in.

“It is hoped that while he remains in Manchester this will remain under wraps.”

Following his transfer from Aston Villa, Three Lions ace Jack, 25, has seen his star status turn meteoric.

He is now one of the most searched for sportsmen in the UK, with recent research showing there are over 200,000 Google searches of his name every month.

Sasha, 23, who has been dating Jack since her teens, is a model and recently signed a big money deal with Boohoo.

The Sun revealed earlier this year how she had been inundated with death threats – receiving 200 vile messages a day on Instagram during the 2020 Euros.

Jack Grealish’s girlfriend slams trolls who sent her vile abuse during Euros - claiming she was sent '200 death threats a day'

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