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Ivanka Trump accidentally wallops son Theo, 5, in the face with surfboard during private Mother’s Day lesson with kids

IVANKA Trump took to the waves in Miami as she celebrated Mother’s Day with her three children and a private surf lesson.

The former first daughter was seen laughing and joking before accidentally hitting her youngest son Theo, 5, straight in the face with her board. 

Decked out in a black wetsuit and long-sleeved blue surf shirt, the 39-year-old laughed and cheered on her kids as they tumbled off their boards under the watchful eye of a host of instructors. 

The former first daughter looked ready for the challenge as she pulled her blue and white surfboard into the water accompanied by her bearded surf teacher. 

Ivanka was flying solo as husband Jared opted out of the Mother’s Day excursion. 

She smiled as she battled through the waves and stumbled as she tried to stand up on her board.    

Ivanka and Jared’s children - Arabella, nine, Joseph, seven, and Theo, five - took on the challenge themselves with their own instructors nearby. 

Disaster almost struck as a wayward wave brought Ivanka into the path of her youngest son, Theo. 

She looked horrified as she watched her surfboard smack him in the face but Theo appeared unharmed by the collision and the lesson continued. 

Ivanka herself was also wiped out by the waves as she tried to find her balance. 

Yet she appeared to get a handle of the board after a few attempts and looked like a pro as she hurtled toward the shore. 

Later, Trump’s eldest daughter gave a thumb up while egging on her kids as they took on more waves.  

The family took a breather after the lesson, with Ivanka wrapping up in a bright yellow towel and relaxing on a deck chair before heading home 

She was seen doubled over and laughing as she returned to the sand after several failed attempts to conquer the board.

It comes after QAnon conspiracy theory diehards claimed Ivanka faked getting her Covid vaccine and even accused her of Photoshopping pics of herself getting the jab.

Ivanka broke her three-month break from Twitter last month to reveal in two posted pics that she had received a vaccination.

In the first photo, “Nurse Torres," the health clinician attending to the VIP, is captured administering a vaccine as she keeps Trump's left shoulder taut.

In the second photo, Trump giggles as Nurse Torres affixes a bandaid to the puncture.

"Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too," she tweeted, with a blue heart emoji garnish. "Thank you Nurse Torres!!!"

However, the radicalized QAnon faithful – already skeptical of the vaccine’s function and success to ward off the Covid-19 disease, were stuck in a state of denial, suggesting it was all a scripted bit of make-believe.

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Ivanka didn’t actually receive the shot at all and in fact staged the snap with a nurse who was in on it and didn’t actually insert the syringe into her left arm.

“Cleverly hidden from the camera…” read a tweet by Gillian McKeith, noting the nurse’s elbow obstructs the actual insertion of the shot.

Likewise, a QAnon figure with sway in the movement who goes by the handle, GhostEzra, posted on Telegram: "Ivanka posted she got the 'shot' not the Covid-19 vaccine,” according to Newsweek.

"Did she actually get the shot? If she did, was it a B-12 shot. A flu shot? Hcq [Hydroxychloroquine]? Was she involved with [her husband Jared] Kushner? Is that really even her?

"Many different things can be said of this picture. The one thing for sure is this picture isn't swaying anyone to get the Covid-19 vaccine."

Ivana Trump says daughter Ivanka could be the first female President of the United States

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