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'It's our destiny!' Adonis outlines 'step by step plan' to reverse Brexit and rejoin EU

Andrew Adonis demands 'radical change' in the House of Lords

Taking part in a fringe event on the sidelines of the party's annual conference, the arch-europhile called on activists to work cross-party to reverse the 2016 referendum. He said rejoining the EU was "our destiny" and as he urged campaigners to "look to the future".

Outlining his step by step plan, he said EU fanatics should focus on specific issues such as a lack of visas for musicians travelling the continent, or the UK's withdrawal from the university exchange programme, Erasmus.

He said: "Of course we've got to look to the future, and of course we've got to be realistic.

"I'm chair of the European Movement, cross-party we should be in favour of electoral reform, in favour of a progressive alliance.

"We need to make the sum more than the parts if we're going to get this Tory government out, and we also need to be realistic about how we do it.


Andrew Adonis gave his 'step by step plan' to rejoin the EU

Andrew Adonis gave his 'step by step plan' to rejoin the EU (Image: PA)

"Step by step towards rejoin should be our strategy.

"We campaign on the musicians, we campaign on Erasmus, we campaign on the shortage of HGV drivers, we force the Government issue by issue in parliament to change their policy on these things.

"We force them to eat their words, and bit by bit we then come back again.

"And what should our policy at the next election be? With the Liberal Democrats, with the Greens, with all other people of goodwill, it is very very straightforward: rejoin the customs union and rejoin the single market.

"Next step, back into the EU.

"This isn't some great impossible thing."

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The Labour peer said it was the UK's 'destiny' to be in the EUThe Labour peer said it was the UK's 'destiny' to be in the EU

The Labour peer said it was the UK's 'destiny' to be in the EU (Image: PA)

Labour members attending the event cheered as they applauded his speech.

He was one of a number of speakers talking about Britain's place in Europe, including Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar and multiple shadow ministers.

Lord Adonis has been one of the most vocal campaigners against Brexit since 2016.

Following the end of the transition period at the start of January, he immediately began work on his mission once again place the UK under the bloc's rules.

Brexit timeline: The UK's journey to freedom from the EU

Brexit timeline: The UK's journey to freedom from the EU (Image: EXPRESS)

Speaking at the "Brexit isn't working: Why can Labour do?" talk today, he said it was Britain's mission to lead the EU.

"Never give up faith, this is the darkness before dawn," he said.

"Our destiny is to be European, our destiny is to be European because it's our continent, because it's our values, because we lead.

"The only thing that is stopping us from being able to step by step towards rejoining is an absence of imagination and an absence of real passion in campaigning."

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