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It is unfair simply to blame the public for the new coronavirus restrictions

Bleak Boris

BORIS Johnson’s bleak TV address was perfectly judged for these dark times. It had the gravitas Britain needed to see.

The PM’s appeal for us to pull together again, as we did in March, was heartfelt and fair. Too many have taken their eye off the ball as cases declined.

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But it is unfair simply to blame the public. Some contrition over the testing shambles would have been welcome.

We now face deeper restrictions, even the vaguely sinister use of troops to free police for Covid patrols, to avoid the carnage of a second national lockdown.

And it troubles us that Boris is clutching at two straws, a vaccine and near-instant mass testing, neither yet invented.

Without one or both we are doomed to repeat this cycle of suppressing, relaxing and suppressing for ever. It is not feasible for our lives or the economy. We may instead have to protect our most vulnerable and find a way to live with Covid.

As for Boris, we suspect tonight he will have won back a few doubters.

Help ’em, Prem

RICH Premier League clubs should bail out lower league outfits facing Covid oblivion.

They are not just the lifeblood of their communities. They and their players are, in part, the lifeblood of the Prem too.

Some have rich owners, who must dig deep now that they are facing a season without fans. But many teams don’t. 

It would be a calamity to let them fail through no fault of their own.

A few, admittedly, are badly run — and the Prem would need strict guarantees on how a £200million donation would be spent by the 72 EFL clubs. 

Some people will say the Government should step in. But it cannot bail out every industry. That way lies ruin. In football’s case there’s another solution.

It’s right for wealthy Prem giants to fund a rescue. It’s in the national interest and their own too.

Bye, the Left

SIR Keir Starmer shouldn’t just disown the anti-Semitic Corbynite mob which wrecked Labour — he should kick the lot out.

Withdraw the whip from Corbyn and the extremists still on his benches. Have an eye-catching purge now . . . not a civil war right before the 2024 election.

We doubt many ex-“Red Wall” voters heard Starmer’s big speech today. Nor would they be much convinced by him ­binning Corbynism for patriotism.

He backed the toxic hippie all the way to defeat last December. And his own love for the EU, and desperation to keep Britain in it in defiance of the Brexit-backing majority, was largely to blame.

That said, The Sun can only welcome a Labour regime which publicly embraces sound finances, security and flag-waving national pride, while alienating Momentum’s clueless posers.

How many of Starmer’s MPs, we wonder, TRULY share those shiny new values?

Boris Johnson threatens national lockdown in TV address and warns nation 'your cough could be someone's death knell' 1-1

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