Ridley Scott’s new movie about the fabulously wealthy Gucci family is out now in cinemas and is being seen by audiences around the country.

With an all-star cast that features some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the film chronicles the story of how Patrizia Reggiani ( Lady Gaga ) marries into one of the most prominent fashion families in the world.

Her ambition threatens both the family legacy and, ultimately, their safety.

The cast list includes Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Camille Cottin, Jack Huston, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Lady Gaga, Reeve Carney and Salma Hayek.

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Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent gave the film four stars, saying: “Unlike Scott’s previous directorial effort… House of Gucci feels less directly concerned with achieving contemporary relevance.”

“It’s a more straightforward story of beautiful things corrupted by ugly desires.

"There’s a knowing quality to the way Gucci’s flagship store in Rome is described as the “Vatican of fashion”, as if its gilded exterior could hide all sorts of sins within.”

Is House of Gucci based on a true story?

House of Gucci is inspired by a true story and adapted from journalist Sara Gay Forden’s non-fiction book, of the same name, that came out in 2001.

Who did Maurizio Gucci date after Patrizia Reggiani?

Maurizio Gucci married Patrizia Reggiani in 1972 after the couple dated for two years. His father disapproved of the marriage at first but softened after the birth of their son in 1976.

Their marital problems would begin in 1983 after Maurizio received a majority stake in Gucci and started a legal battle to oust other family members.

In 1985, he would suddenly break off the marriage, flying to Florence and sending a friend to tell his then-wife, Patrizia, that he would not be returning.

He began a relationship with Paola Franchi (a childhood friend), drawing much jealousy from Patrizia. They would divorce in 1994, leaving her with a settlement of €2.5 million and a €650,000 yearly alimony payment that she did not consider sufficient.

Where is Patrizia Reggiani now?

Maurizio would be shot and killed outside of his office in March 1995. Patrizia would be arrested two years later after an anonymous tip.

She was sentenced to almost 30 years in prison in 1997 and attempted to appeal her sentenced. She also tried to take her own life.

But in 2014 she was released as part of a work-release initiative, before being officially released in 2016 for good behaviour.

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