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Is Garth Brooks a Republican or Democrat?

COUNTRY musician Garth Brooks has spoken openly about his political affiliations to the media.

Brooks is set to perform at President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20 alongside pop star Lady Gaga and singer Jennifer Lopez.

Is Garth Brooks a Republican or Democrat?

Fans have speculated about country star Garth Brooks' political leanings for years.

The Oklahoma native is a Republican and even joked about his political affiliations as he revealed he'll perform at Biden's inauguration.

Brooks jokingly said he's be the "the only Republican at the ceremony" on January 20.

But despite his affiliation with the GOP, the country singer said his performance at Biden's inauguration won't be "a political statement."

“It’s not Republican or Democrat,” Brooks told reporters during a virtual press conference on January 18.

"It’s a leader for whom I am the civilian of the greatest country on the planet. Our job is to work as hard as we can for all of us to have a better future than we had before."

Is Garth Brooks performing at the inauguration?

Gath Brooks accepted to perform at Biden and Harris' inauguration on January 20.

“This is a great day in our household,” the country music superstar said during a virtual press conference on January 18.

“This is not a political statement. This is a statement of unity.”

"I've played for every president there is, since Carter, with the exception of Reagan. This is an honor for me to get to serve," he added. "And it's one of the things that, if my family is around, no matter who the president-elect is, it's an honor to be asked."

Imminent First Lady Jill Biden invited Brooks to perform as he was one of the performers at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

He was invited to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration in 2016 but he turned down the offer citing a scheduling conflict.

Brooks will join superstars Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez on the inauguration lineup.

Lopez is one of the country's most influential Latin artists. She and Shakira made headlines last year when they were the first Latina duo to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Lady Gaga also previously worked with President-elect Joe Biden while he was vice president.

"During the Obama-Biden Administration, she worked closely with President-elect Biden’s 'It’s On Us' campaign to address sexual assault on college campuses."

Both Gaga and JLo have been fervent supporters of the president-elect since he became the Democratic nominee.

What is Garth Brooks' net worth?

Brooks is worth a whopping $400million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

By 2000, Brooks was reportedly one of the most successful recording artists in the world.

Brooks is married to fellow recording star and television host Trisha Yearwood who is worth $40million according to Cheat Sheet.

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