A woman has gained viral popularity after transforming her rental house into an ‘unconventional, colourful’ property.

Natasha McBrian has been documenting the renovation of her Ormskirk house on an Instagram account called Pretty Pocket Projects.

Since starting the account, the 30-year-old has racked up more than 38,000 followers on the social media site and thousands more views on her videos.

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Fellow interior design lovers were particularly impressed that she managed to completely transform the bathroom on a budget of £50.

After gaining viral attention, Natasha was approached by bathroom specialists Drench about exactly how she created the look.

Natasha told them: “I started with knowing I wanted a black ceiling that spanned down onto the wall but as the room is tiny I knew the whole space couldn’t be dark.

Natasha McBrian, 30, runs a home Instagram account @prettypocketprojects for her rented home in Ormskirk
Natasha McBrian, 30, runs a home Instagram account @prettypocketprojects for her rented home in Ormskirk

“I collaborated with a vinyl company to design the paint drip vinyl based on a hand-painted mural I did in my bedroom, I used the vinyl on the back wall by the window and spray painted the pipe

“The third wall I left white to expand the space, and the final wall, with the mirrors, I used tester pots and just went with what came out of my mind.”

She added: “I put vinyl on the floor but instead of laying it in one clear sheet I cut it into strips to lay it in different directions - I took inspiration from both the vinyl on the wall background and from the Beetlejuice film.”

Natasha calls herself the ‘Queen of Cluttercore’ and claims she’s a huge maximalist fan.

She explained to Drench that she used duct tape and masking tape to create the colourful stripes coming down from her black ceiling to the back wall.

On how she transformed her bathroom on a budget, Natasha said: “As I have a decent sized Instagram account I was gifted a lot of the materials which included the black paint, vinyl for the back wall, vinyl for the cupboards and the prints.

“I used leftover tester pots, tapes and spray paint I had from other projects in this room.

“I only paid for the vinyl on the floor which I got on sale for £32, as well as the gold vinyl around the door frame, £3 from Poundland and the paintbrushes.

Natasha McBrian, 30, runs a home Instagram account @prettypocketprojects for her rented home in Ormskirk
Natasha McBrian, 30, runs a home Instagram account @prettypocketprojects for her rented home in Ormskirk

“The neon lights and polaroll were bought for me as a birthday gift.

“I spent about £6 on frames for the prints.”

“That was it basically - all the accessories were sourced from around my house and the mirrors were part of the previous design in the room. The backsplash vinyl was also leftover from my kitchen.”

While Natasha used pre-owned bits to create her maximalist bathroom look, Drench.co.uk have found similar items to recreate the look for £73.42.

Polly Shearer interior design specialist at Drench said: “Cluttercore is a maximal approach to home design and decorating whereby more is more.

“Although don’t mistake this for filling up a room with piles of stuff and making a cluttered mess. Instead, this craze embraces organised chaos and ‘clutter’.

“It encourages us to fill and arrange our homes with an abundance of mismatched items that we love and objects with meaning.”

She added: “We love Natasha’s creativity and a maximalist approach to her bathroom.

“The handmade mural/artwork on the door was spectacular and worth watching how it was created on her TikTok.”