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Instagram forced to apologise after censoring pictures of fishmonger’s stock


A FISHMONGER was shocked to find Instagram censoring photos of his stock.

Rex Goldsmith believes vegans took offence at some images.

He found them blurred with the warning: “This contains sensitive content that many may find offensive or disturbing.”

Rex Goldsmith, who owns The Chelsea Fishmonger in London, said: “It’s ridiculous. I don’t know whether the post was reported by vegans or whether Instagram censored it as they thought it would be offensive to vegans.

"If they’re going to pick on me, why don’t they pick on one of the big companies who use the methods of farming that are bad for the environment and fish welfare?”

The Vegan Society said it was aware some people report pictures of fish and meat as offensive, but recommended they simply block the posts.

Instagram recently censored photos of prepared meat, and some pictures of plucked chickens were labelled as “disturbing”.

The firm said of the fish pics: “This content was marked as sensitive in error and has now been reinstated. We apologise for the mistake.”

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