A Salford inspector has warned that police may need to issue a dispersal order in the Walkden area if anti-social behaviour involving youths doesn’t decrease soon.

Officers said there has been a recent increase in anti-social behaviour at the Ellesmere Centre in Walkden and police are putting an action plan in place.

The anti-social behaviour was said to be having a ‘seriously negative’ impact on people in the area.

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A dispersal order in the area was being considered although it has not yet been implemented.

Officers said they will ‘continually assess’ the problems and may implement an order if the situation doesn’t improve.

Inspector Katie Allen, neighbourhood inspector for Salford North West, said: “We have noticed an increase in anti social behaviour involving youths at the Ellesmere Centre in Walkden and are putting together a plan of action to target this.

“The last thing I want to do is criminalise young people who think they are just having a laugh, but if we continue to see the behaviour we have over the past month, I will have no choice.

Ellesmere Shopping Centre

“Currently I have chosen not to implement a dispersal order, but am going to continually assess and may well do so in the future if the situation doesn’t improve.

“I am working with partners to take a joint approach, and my team are working behind the scenes to see if we can identify those involved and take action before the situation worsens.”

Inspector Allen added that she wanted those involved to think twice about ‘causing trouble’.

Insp Allen said: “If you are the ones out there causing trouble, please think about how your behaviour impacts on others, and whether you would like something like that happening to your loved one. If the answer to that question is no, then don’t do it!!

“You may think it’s funny, but your behaviour has a seriously negative impact on those around you.”

Anyone with information can contact police on [email protected] or dial 0161 856 5035.

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