A PLANNING inspector has backed Bradford Council's decision to block plans for large digital advertising signs at a busy Bradford junction.

Earlier this year planning officers refused Monster Displays proposals to install two 6.4m by 3.4m signs on an empty plot of land at Richard Street - near the junction of Leeds Road and Shipley Airedale Road.

They argued that the signs would be "highly prominent and appear particularly intrusive in this location and on this main transport corridor of Bradford."

Monster Displays appealed the decision, saying: "The appellant was disappointed and frustrated that the Council were not prepared to give positive consideration to the appeal scheme which is clearly acceptable."

They argued that the signage, and landscaping of the site they were planning to carry out, would improve the appearance of the area.

Government inspector sides with Council in digital sign decision

But this week that appeal was dismissed by a government planning inspector.

Susan Ashworth said: "They would nonetheless be two very large structures that would be visible from many places in the vicinity of the site.

"The displays would have a prominent and obtrusive appearance owing to their size, their elevated position, their scale in relation to the buildings behind the site and the illuminated digital nature of the displays.

"I consider that the advertisement would cause considerable harm to the visual amenity of the area and as such would not result in the environmental improvement suggested by the appellant."