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Inside Jeremy Epstein’s New Mexico paedo ranch complete with underground strip club and eight person shower

BILLIONAIRE paedophile Jeremy Epstein’s sprawling ranch which is at the centre of a sex trafficking probe has been laid bare in a series of photographs. 

The dead sex trafficker used the 10,000-acre Zorro Ranch as a playground for his VIP guests, whom he flew in for huge parties. 

These images and video clips give the most revealing glimpse yet into Epstein's notorious “baby making ranch” in the New Mexico desert, including his eight person party shower containing dozens of bottles of oils. 

According to the Mail Online, the convicted paedophile built a 1,000 sq ft underground “strip-club” for entertaining his VIP guests with teenage girls.

Another source reportedly said covert cameras secretly fitted in every room and recorded the behaviour of the rich and famous.

I had seen things in the house, on the computers, which made me evaluate whether I should be working for him or not.

An anonymous contractor

Photographs taken inside the main house also show indoor bathing area, a large pool, hot tub.

One of the bedrooms boasts an imposing sculpture of a life-sized Jesus crucified on a golden cross.

Meanwhile the library is full of huge antique furniture, including Gothic chandeliers and metallic and leather chairs.

Drone footage the first to be taken since Epstein apparently killed himself last August shows the ranch in a derelict state.

Aerial images also show the private airstrip, which is where Epstein is said to have flown in teenage girls on a plane which was dubbed the “Lolita Express”.

An anonymous contractor, who worked at the ranch until 2006, described in an interview with Albuquerque radio station owner Eddy Aragon, what he saw.

He said: "I had seen things in the house, on the computers, which made me evaluate whether I should be working for him or not. 

"There were numerous photographs in frames, in his library, his office, on the walls, of young underage girls topless and him and various other powerful people.

"He had weird lamps and sculptures of a sexual nature, couples engaged in [sex].

"That was a party shower, everybody getting in. It's a big shower. It's amazing."

Lady Victoria Hervey says she 'felt like she was being watched' so cut short her stay at Jeffrey Epstein's apartment in New York

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