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Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s new £6m luxury Lisbon flat featuring gym and indoor pool close to bedsit he lived in as a kid

CRISTIANO RONALDO bought the most expensive flat ever sold in Lisbon after paying £6million for the property that includes a gym and indoor swimming pool.

The dazzling penthouse is located next to the Eduardo VII Park, close to the neighbourhood where Ronaldo spent some of his humble beginnings.

Local media report the Juventus star got the flat in the Portuguese capital in July of last year but news of its purchase has only recently surfaced.

The Portugal skipper is said to have beaten off bids from two other millionaires as he splashed the cash on the 3,100 square feet flat in the Avenida de Liberdade area of the city.

Inside includes a spa, a swimming pool, a gym, as well as three large bedrooms.

It comes after he recently sold a mansion for £2m to his former Real Madrid team-mate Pepe, located in the Geres area of northern Portugal.

Ronaldo had the mansion built from the ground up ten years ago during his time at Manchester United.

He used the property in his homeland when he wanted to enjoy some privacy, however, the site has since become a tourist spot for football lovers.

Ronaldo lives with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez in Turin after the Portuguese icon made the switch from Madrid back in summer 2018.

And his neighbour Elizabeth, better known as Betty, could not be more complimentary of the way he lives his life.

She said: "A lot of silence, no parties. I've never seen cars pass by our private road.

"I often see him at the wheel of a Rolls-Royce. We see him pass every day, with tinted windows. But in the garage of his house he also has sports cars, like a Lotus.

"He has a beautiful indoor pool and a small garden. and well taken care of with colourful flowers.

"I see Cristiano Junior often wandering with his skateboard, up and down the street that leads to our homes, always with the bodyguards behind.

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“Like the mother, Georgina, also followed by a babysitter who helps her with both cars - one double for the twins and one individual."

But in a recent interview with Piers Morgan, the 34-year-old opened up about his early struggles as a young boy living in Lisbon, playing for the club’s academy.

The multi-millionaire revealed he used to wait outside a McDonald's restaurant because he was too poor to buy burgers for himself, and was helped by a group of women who handed out food to Ronaldo and his hungry friends.