India has been put on the “red list” of countries from which travellers to the UK must quarantine before entering the country.

Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary, told the Commons that the rules will come into force at 4am on Friday meaning arrivals from India will be subject to hotel quarantine.

Speaking in the Commons Hancock said 103 cases of the Indian variant have now been found in the UK. At the end of last week 77 cases had been found.

Explaining the decision to put India on the red list, Hancock said: “This means anyone who is not a UK or Irish resident or a British citizen cannot enter the UK if they’ve been in India in the previous ten days.

“UK and Irish residents and British citizens who have been in India in the past 10 days before their arrival will need to complete hotel quarantine for ten days from the time of arrival."

Hancock added: “India is a country I know well and love. Between our two countries we have ties of friendship and family. I understand the impact of this decision but I hope the House will concur that we must act.”

Philippa Whitford, the SNP’s health spokeswoman, said the UK government should extend hotel quarantine to all arrivals to the UK as Scotland has done for arrivals.

Shes said: “Cases of the B1 617 Indian variant in the UK are still very low but it has been doubling every week, despite lockdown, suggesting that like the Kent variant, it is much more infectious than the original.”

She added: “Will he not now consider expanding hotel quarantine to all arrivals as travellers from red list countries can currently avoid it by coming via third country.”

Hancock says the vast majority of the Indian variant cases found in the UK have been found as a result of testing at the border.

He said: “ The majority of the cases that we have seen already in this country have been picked up by the testing that we have in place now for every single passenger entering this country. That is a that is a sign of the system working, and is it now being strengthened.”

Hancock also updated MPs on the roll-out of the covid vaccine across the UK.

He said: “On Friday and Saturday we saw record numbers of second doses, over 499,000 on each day, and I’m delighted to tell the House that as of midnight last night we’ve now given second doses to over 10 million people across the UK.

“Three quarters of over-75s have now had both jabs rising to four fifths of over-80s. The vaccine is our way out of this pandemic and I’m delighted that it’s being taken up in such huge numbers.”