Doorbell camera footage captured the incredible moment a screaming mother scared away two masked burglars who broke into her house.

Andrea Legget was in her shower upstairs and her son was downstairs, waiting for a ride to school, when she heard a series of loud bangs coming from her front door in Pleasanton, California.

The family’s security camera aimed at their front door captured two thieves kicking and slamming the door to break it down last week.

Leggett told KOCO: ‘I didn’t know what it was. Half the house was shaking because of they way they were trying to force themselves inside the house.’

She grabbed a towel and hurried downstairs, meeting the burglars just as they crashed through the front door.

Leggett let out a piercing scream, startling the intruders so much that they turned and ran in the opposite direction.



The family is thankful that no one was hurt, but the incident has left both them and their neighbors worried because the burglars appear to target them completely at random.

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Leggett’s husband, Darren, said he believes the pair of thieves watched him leave, then struck.

He said: ‘When they saw me pull out to take my oldest to (school), they thought, “Oh. they are gone. No one is there. It’s an empty driveway.’

Neighor Sara Parter said that she is worried at how little the Leggett’s alarm system, security cameras, and barking dog did to deter the burglars.

She said: ‘That’s what makes it most unnerving for us, is that all security measures are put in place, and it still happened.’