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IKEA ‘tidy technician’ shares her tips for a decluttered home – and you should only clean ONCE a week

EVEN though we're constantly cleaning our homes, somehow it still manages to stay messy.

But rather than simply shoving things away in drawers so it looks kind of clean, IKEA's "tidy technician" has revealed her top tips for maintaining a decluttered home - and it only involves cleaning ONCE a week. Sign us up.

The brand had thousands of applications for their "tidy technician" bootcamp in Australia - but only a select few cleaning fans were chosen.

Speaking to Femail, home organisation fanatic Megan Dryden explained how they are certain chores you have to do everyday and others that can be put on the backburner.

Like Mrs Hinch "puts her sink to bed" every evening, Megan can't end the day without putting all her plates away and making sure lunches are ready for tomorrow.

She said: "It's a really simple and great way to start the day on the right foot and start fresh."

In order to stop areas from getting messy and cluttered, Megan recommends that everything you own has a specific place in your home.

She said: "Owning fewer items makes everything a lot easier to quickly tidy up, especially when company unexpectedly pops over or if you have regular family dinners.

"I always try and encourage clients to set items to a designated area too so they can be found easily."

The expert also recommends organising your kitchen cupboards by the type of container they're in for easier access as well as grouping them by categories - i.e snacks, cereal, spices.

And if you keep up with this, Megan says you'll only ever need to tidy once a week.

Megan's tips for keeping your kitchen cupboards tidy:

She continued: "We use Sunday for tidying the home, rather than organising small sections of each room every day.

"No home is perfect - it's real life, not a magazine cover so there will always be times when the house is messy."

Naturally, Megan is a huge fan of IKEA furniture too - thanks to their build-in storage which makes it easier to keep track of you possessions.

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