Ignorant Boris Johnson doesn’t even know his own “rule of six” or the virus laws imposed on North East England.

Busking and jokes helped him win an election but there is nothing funny now, when tens of thousands are dead, people are continuing to die, the pandemic is spreading again and the economy is wrecked.

The incompetent PM and other ministers failing to explain the Government’s policies was pitiful and dangerous.

It’s impossible to imagine another recent PM who would have proved so clueless.

Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher – all would know what they were doing whether we approved of it or not.

Boris Johnson was forced to apologise after leaving people in the North East confused over local lockdowns

Tory MPs will be cringing as Johnson kills satire with a string of humiliating blunders that leaves The Thick of It political comedy resembling a study on good governance. Rishi Sunak must be licking his lips in anticipation.

Terror danger

Warnings that crashing out of Europe without a trade deal would weaken our defences against terrorists and major criminals cannot be easily dismissed.

The reason: The alarm is being sounded by MI6’s former boss, John Scarlett.

Sir John Scarlett warns a no-deal Brexit would threaten UK security

Intelligence and data sharing surged with our neighbours in the European Union after the 2015 Bataclan massacre in Paris. But now we face being left out in the cold.

Without an agreement there would be no replacement for the European arrest warrant used to bring back criminals to Britain.

We must have a Brexit trade deal or Britain will be a riskier, poorer land.

Ready to fake it

Wild animals are never more dangerous than when cornered.

In fact unscrupulous liar Donald Trump, who faces rival Joe Biden in the first televised debate, would claim victory even if he’s beaten in the US Presidential election in November.