An “idiotic” motorist who ran over a cop who requested he stop has narrowly avoided a jail stretch.

Daniel Rock, 35, side-swiped Constable Andrew Hamilton with his Nissan Qashqai sending the officer backwards onto the road, causing cuts and grazes to his arm.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard police had been performing a traffic stop on another vehicle in the town’s Stanely Road at 2am on June 1, last year, when Rock showed up in his motor and began revving his engine loudly at cops.

When PC Hamilton, wearing a hi-vis jacket signalled for him to wait, Rock gunned his engine and drove forward.

The quick-thinking officer leapt sideways, however Rock’s motor struck him and knocked him over.

Procurator fiscal depute Kirsten Brierley told the court cops were performing the traffic stop when: “Officers heard the sound of an engine revving.

“The sound was getting closer to their police vehicle.

“They went to investigate and saw a red Nissan Qashqai travelling at speed towards their police vehicle.

“When he observed the police vehicle, the accused slammed on his brakes.

“The officer in hi-vis clothing put his hands up requiring the vehicle to stop.

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“He requested the accused turn off his engine, however he accelerated sharply causing the door of his vehicle to strike the police witness Constable Hamilton, who fell backwards onto the roadway, sustaining cuts and bruises to his arm.”

The prosecutor added if it were not for the PC moving out of the way, he would have “sustained a much more serious injury.”

The court heard on June 6, last year, Rock kicked off at cops who responded to a domestic complaint at his home where he shouted obscenities and struggled violently during his arrest.

Rock, of Johnstone, yesterday pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving, driving at excessive speed, failing to maintain proper control, accelerating his vehicle and striking PC Hamilton, an officer in the execution of his duty, to his injury.

He also admitted a charge of public disorder involving police at his house where he shouted, swore, behaved aggressively and struggled with officers during the execution of their duty.

Defence agent Charlie McCusker said his client “deeply regretted” his “foolish behaviour” last year which stemmed from his abusing alcohol.

He said: “He has stopped drinking.

“He went to his doctor. It was having a marked influence over him. He was far too reckless back in 2020.

“There has been no other matters since last June.

“He deeply regretted what happened and has expressed his remorse for what he did.”

Mr McCusker urged the court to spare him custody, given that he works full-time, supports his family, and has stayed free of trouble since the events to which he pleaded guilty.

Sheriff Sukhwinder Gill told him: “Police officers have a very difficult job at the best of times.

“It was idiotic driving.

‘You are lucky this did not result in serious injuries for the officer.”

She spared him jail but handed him a sentence as an “alternative to custody.”

He was banned from the roads for 21 months, she handed him 270 hours of unpaid work and placed him under mandatory supervision by the local authority for 12 months.