A gang of "idiots" on motorbikes have been caught on camera running riot on a Dundee road and speeding over the top of a roundabout.

Dashcam footage shows the moment a terrified motorist was flanked by the reckless group on Fountainbleau Drive yesterday.

The bikers were seen pulling dangerous wheely moves and tearing up grassy verges as they sped down the road.

The bikers were seen riding recklessly in Dundee.

The video begins with the motorist making his way along the route which is near to a playground.

Suddenly, a motorcyclist balancing on his back wheel emerges on the right hand side.

He speeds past signs urging drivers to slow down and is quickly followed by more bikers.

The group weave perilously around the oncoming traffic, with one member of the group riding along the pavement.

As the gang approaches a roundabout they begin to splinter and dangerously overtake a vehicle waiting to join.

Two of the group then charge directly over the top of the roundabout, gouging out chunks of grass as they ride.

As the clip ends the gang can be seen speeding off along another road.

The nail-biting footage was shared online by the shaken motorist where it has angered social media users.

One woman wrote: “Fine set of organ donors.”

Another person added: “Idiots.”

And one user said: “So dangerous.”