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Iceland bans people naming their kids Lucifer – and Lady and Zelda are already on the list

ICELANDIC parents who tried to call their son Lucifer were told to select something else as the name was added to the list of banned choices.

The new mum and dad had decided on the unusual choice for their new baby, but had to apply to the Icelandic Naming Committee to have it approved.

The country has some of the strictest naming laws in the world, with parents expected to choose a name from a pre-authorised list.

If anyone wants to choose a name not on the list they must apply for permission, as the new parents did.

But it was rejected because the name had “satanic” links, and didn’t conform to the Icelandic tongue.

In Iceland all baby names must comply with the rules of the language, and the alphabet.

Names Iceland banned this year

As the country doesn’t have the letter ‘c’, any name containing this letter is automatically banned.

Ruling on the decision, the committee said: “Since the name Lucifer is one of the devil’s names, the Naming Committee believes it could cause the bearer embarrassment.

“Besides, the spelling of the name Lucifer cannot be considered in accordance with the general spelling rules of the Icelandic language, since the letter c is not part of the Icelandic alphabet," Nameberry reported.

The Naming Committee believes it could cause the bearer embarrassment.

Icelandic Naming Committee

Other names which were rejected this year alone include Ariel, Lady and Zelda for girls.

Boys’ name including Aryan, Ezra and Sezar were also banned.

One Icelandic girl, called Blaer Bjarkardottir, battled for 15 years to be referred to by her given name.

Blaer, which means light breeze in Icelandic, was simply referred to as ‘girl’ in official documents, until she finally won a court battle.

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