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I won £1m on the lottery at 22 – I wear clothes from Primark, shop at Asda & our biggest treat is a monthly Toby Carvery

IT was a normal working day for roofer Jamie Heavens in September 2016.

The then-22-year-old, engaged to partner of three years Danielle, got up, went to work at his dad Mark’s roofing company in Dorset, near where he lives, and started his hands-on job.

“But then I got a call that one of the lads had was sick, so I was sent to work on another site with my Uncle Marek,” he explained. 

“On the way Uncle Marek and I stopped at Romsey Services off the M27 for fuel. 

“I popped into the service station to get a drink.”

But Jamie picked up the wrong flavour of pop so left the queue, rejoining it behind another man who bought the same scratchcard he went onto purchase seconds later.

“It’s a chain of events which would change my life,” he explained. “Because the card I bought was worth £1m.”

Whereas most people would probably be screaming from the rooftops Jamie - who admitted he had always been “incredibly sensible” - was calm. 

“I scratched it off in a layby and was stunned when it revealed I’d won £1m,” he said.

“But I had a whole day of work ahead of me and it was only 7.30am so I wasn’t going to shout about it.”

He kept it quiet from his colleagues - telling only his uncle and wife-to-be. 

“I called Danielle and she was pleased but both of us wanted to double check with Camelot.

“I didn’t tell any of my mates, you need to make sure.”

Danielle still buys me jogging bottoms from Primark. I go out and graft everyday so she knows I will get them filthy. There’s no point in her getting me really smart ones, they would just get wrecked.

Jamie Heavenslottery winner

So, despite being a millionaire, he went on to work. 

“I was up a roof when I got the call confirming I had won £1m,” he said. “Danielle was stunned. “But it was a couple more days before the money was cashed. Uncle Marek said we could go wild with his credit card in the meantime but we said no. 

“We were never going to go mad.”

The couple did decide to buy a car each, a Mercedes GLA for him and a BMW X3 for Danielle.

“She was worrying though,” he said. “She said, ‘I’ve never spent so much money before.’”

The couple, who met when he was 19 and she was 17 while working at McDonald’s also splashed out on a £25k wedding in 2017 - still less than the national average of around £30k.

And Danielle is still working as a receptionist at a garage whereas Jamie set up his own company, a roadside recovery service.

Both are key workers and haven’t stopped during lockdown with their son Hughie, four - who was a newborn when his parents won the lotto, splitting his time between school and home.

“We bought two properties too,” he said. “Including a bungalow we live in in Bournemouth.

“We also went on a few holidays - nothing hugely fancy though.”

But overall Jamie said they had been remarkably sensible. “Danielle still buys me jogging bottoms from Primark,” he said. “I go out and graft everyday so she knows I will get them filthy.

“There’s no point in her getting me really smart ones, they would just get wrecked.”

The couple also do their food shop in Asda and Tesco. “We’re not going to spend £500 a week on food, we aren’t mad,” he said. “Sure, things aren’t tight but we are sensible people. I’d cringe at the thought of buying designer clothes. 

“For us it is hugely important Hughie knows the value of money. 

“I want him to see his parents working. I want us to have enough money to send him to university if he wants to go.

“People have said I might be the most sensible lottery winner there is, and I think they might be right.

“After all we still work, we bought a bungalow - and our biggest treat is a Toby Carvery once a month.

“But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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