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‘I was almost broke’ – MMA beauty Rachael Ostovich reveals struggles of fighting in UFC after bare-knuckle boxing switch

BARE KNUCKLE boxing beauty Rachael Ostovich has revealed she was close to 'going broke' during her time competing in mixed martial arts.

The Hawaiian competed in MMA for six years before she inked a lucrative deal with BKFC in April.

Ostovich competed in the UFC for three of those years but was in near financial ruin during her time in the sport's premier promotion.

The 30-year-old told MMA Junkie: “MMA is a lot and I felt like I was almost going broke fighting in MMA, so BKFC is where I’m at for right now and hopefully we can get on the same page."

Ostovich made a pretty penny for her July victory over former UFC flyweight Paige VanZant.

But her hands ended up paying the price for her unanimous decision victory.

She revealed: "I had some injuries after the fight – it’s definitely different from MMA.

"The damage is a lot worse – I've experienced it for myself.

"I fought in MMA for ten years.

"My hands are busted: I couldn't even punch for two months after the fight.

"I'm not sure how the other girls fight back-to-back.

"I punch really hard and, with bare knuckle, everyone was like, 'Don't punch 100 per cent, you're going to break your own hand.'

"I was going for broke, I was giving it my all. I usually do – I like to throw it out.

"That's just the consequences of that.

"I had a bunch of super-tender [areas] all up in [my eye]; my nose – the damage is for real."

Despite thoroughly enjoying her bare-knuckle experience, Ostovich has yet to fully close the door on a return to the cage.

The Ultimate Fighter season 26 star said: "That's why I'm super-heavy on the money part: 'make it worth my time'.

"I've seen people in danger or even [risk] death. I need to make some money out of it.

"I have a kid, I live in Hawaii – it's one of the most expensive places to live.

"I got paid better by BKFC than I ever did by MMA."

But she's more than happy to keep fighting with BKFC so long as they keep giving her hefty cheques.

She added: “I would return to MMA, just BKFC is really hot right now and they pay me really good, so that’s where I’ll be."


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