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When I woke up with a sore throat, I was a promising young athlete – a few days later, three of my limbs were amputated.

A promising young athlete has revealed how to amputate three limbs after waking up with a sore throat.

Australian soccer player Josh Hanlon talks about how he removed his legs and right arm after waking up with a "tickling" in his throat.

He was just 20 when he went out with his friends on Saturday night, but the next day he woke up with a sore throat.

"It was your standard sore throat," he told.

"I was a villain on Sunday, but it got worse and worse on Monday.

" I went to Woolworths to cook, but I couldn't eat anything. I wasn't comfortable. "

Later, Josh realized that the tickling was actually more serious, so he called his mother and agreed to see her at the hospital. did.

As soon as he arrived, he was placed in an artificial coma because doctors discovered that a deadly bacterial infection had spread throughout his body, causing toxin shock, sepsis, and organ failure. I was killed.

Josh recalled: He shut down his whole body.

A 21-year-old man who fought for weeks for his life, both inside and outside the coma, was eventually told he had to undergo a limb amputation.

The healthcare professional should amputate his legs under the knees and the right hand on his wrist.

He states:

After his life-changing surgery, Josh put on his prosthesis and hands and gradually learned how to walk again.

After spending three months in the hospital, he was allowed to go home.

He said: "I left the hospital. It felt pretty cool.

" I started to get back to normal. I walked around and went out.

"I regained my freedom and snowballed from there."

A limb amputee, he faced challenges. Nevertheless, Josh was eager to return to the sport and eventually participated in wheelchair basketball in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

he said: It's about being healthy, healthy, going out, having fun, being busy, and trying new things.

However, he rediscovered his true passion for slalom skiing and made his debut at the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games at the age of 24.

He is currently training for the Alpine Ski World Cup later this year.

Regarding his recovery, he added:

"But if we can get to know more that life after an accident will be much easier, we will.

" The better it seems, the more fun it will be. And the less fear it works.

"So every day is more and more fun"

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