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I wanted to take my own life after going bankrupt over £82k tax bill, says Kerry Katona

KERRY Katona has bravely spoken out about how she wanted to take her own life after going bankrupt over a £82,000 tax bill.

The I’m a Celebrity champion opened up about her financial troubles - despite huge success in her TV and singing career.

She claims she was suddenly declared bankrupt in 2008 after being "conned" by those close to her.

Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4, the former Atomic Kitten star said: “I wanted to hide away. I felt a mug, I was embarrassed, I felt stupid, I was ashamed. You feel worthless.”

She continued: “It was absolutely awful to the point I wanted to take my own life. I understand why when people get in debt so many actually take their own lives over money. I’ve been there. I was so close to doing it myself.”

Kerry described how she got into the situation, saying: “I was never taught about money, I was never taught in school, my mum never taught me… I got an accountant and I left it all for them to deal with.

“I found out I was going bankrupt the day I actually went bankrupt. This tax bill was for £82,000 which was nothing to me at that time…. The money had all gone.

"I was completely ripped off and conned, I trusted the wrong people… I was doing drugs, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, I entrusted them with my money so it is my responsibility as well.”

Having turned her life around, Kerry now has advice for others: “Anybody who is going through what I have gone through, please reach out and talk to somebody.

"There’s light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you.”

Kerry suffered a setback today when her former band Atomic Kitten have confirmed they'll be reuniting for a tour next year - but without her.

In a statement on the band's official Instagram, the girls - Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon and Jenny Frost revealed they're supporting boyband Blue for their 20th anniversary concerts in September and October 2022.

They said: "Wow, what can we say... We are going on tour with @officialblue after all these years and we are beyond excited to be back together.

"We are going to have so much fun and can’t wait to bring back all the nostalgia to all those who have supported us throughout the years. 2022 is set to be an incredible year.”

Atomic Kitten reunited briefly in the summer to re-record their hit Whole Again in support of England's attempts in the Euro 2020 games.

They added: "Summer 2021 was a complete whirlwind after reforming briefly for the Euros, but it showed us was that one thing has always stood the test of time, our friendship and love for each other."

Kerry, 41, was not mentioned in the announcement, despite being an original member of the band.

When Tash, Liz and Jenny got back together this year for the Euros, Kerry admitted she was disappointed not to be a part of it, telling OK! Magazine: "I was gutted not to be involved, but I'm really happy for the girls.

Kerry quit the band four weeks before Whole Again went to number one in 2001, going on to be replaced by Jenny who was previously part of the girl band Precious.