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I wake up three hours before my kids so I can put on make-up so I can be on my A game as a mum

A MUM has revealed how she gets up three hours before her kids to apply make-up so she can be on her “A-game as a mum”.

TikTok user Natalie Garcia said she also uses these precious quiet hours to tidy the house and work on herself before her family wakes up.

The mum, who is expecting her fourth child, uploaded a video on her @coachnat2015 account showing her morning routine, and not everyone was convinced.

She said: “Every morning I wake up three hours before the rest of the family.

“I get dressed, put make-up on and make myself look my best.

“Doing this helps me be on my A game as a working mum.”

Natalie then turns her attention to her home and spruces it up before her kids and husband wake up.

“I then bless my home by tidying up, ensuring I create a space my family feels good walking into.

“After one hour of self care, home management, I get to work on my passions, my business and my purpose.

“I can then serve my family without anger, frustration, or sadness, before I filled my cup first.”

Her video has racked up over 3million views, but not every parent was convinced. 

One said: “I find it a bit unrealistic and not beneficial for kids to think everything is always perfect.”

Another added: “I fill my cup by sleeping.”

A third wrote: “There would be so much anger and sadness if I had to get up that early.”

However, one supported her saying: “Wow respect.”

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