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I’ve spent years turning my home totally grey like my idol Mrs Hinch – she’s my heroine & I buy 5 of everything she uses

A MRS Hinch fanatic revealed he’s painted his ENTIRE house grey in honour of his favourite clean queen Mrs Hinch - and the pictures are amazing. 

Ashley Grice, 25, told how he and his boyfriend Niall Doughty, 28, had spent two years transforming their home in Northwich, Cheshire, into an all-grey paradise, similar to Mrs Hinch’s abode.

Hair stylist Ashley, who has been with facialist Niall for four years, said: “We’ve been followers of Sophie (Mrs Hinch's real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe) for years now.

“I suppose my favourite thing about her is that she’s so down-to-earth.

“She makes you feel like she’s your friend even if you’ve not actually spoken to her directly.

“She’s so open with pretty much every aspect of her life everything from showing you her house, sharing day to day routines, talking about her relationship, her problems, her top tips and even her mental health.”

But Ashley, who cleans for two hours a day, said it was Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips - including using a squeegee to collect fluff from the carpets - that really drew him in.

And he loved her all grey home - her true trademark - so replicated it.

“The cleaning tips are everything,” he enthused. “My cleaning routine at home pretty much consists of everything I’ve learnt from her.

“Before following her I hated cleaning, but she seemed to make it fun. 

“Showing people how to do things in different ways, making lists and just having a laugh with it.

“I love how she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“Her house was a big inspiration for us - how everything in hers was pretty much white and grey.

“Her house is so light and open and we wanted to create our little spin on it.

“We went with more of a modern feel but still stuck with the whites and greys.”

He told how, before him and Niall turned it grey, their home was boring magnolia.

“It was a little dated and very basic,” he said. 

“When we first moved in it took all of one hour for us to get to B&Q and stock up on white and grey paint. 

“We couldn’t wait to put our stamp on it. Our style is modern, light and of course grey. 

“Now pretty much everything is grey from the feature walls to the cushions. 

“Everything is grey with a splash of white. 

“When decorating and styling we aim to match most things with the colour scheme to make it look unison. Don’t get me wrong I love colour ... I just couldn’t see myself having it in my home. I find greys and whites relaxing and almost have a clinical feel. I love them.”

The pair admitted they always end up in paint fight when decorating and “dread to think” how much they’ve spent improving their home. “I’m always interior shopping,” said Ashley. “I’m always trying to find something new to put somewhere.

“I haven’t exactly got the cheapest of taste.  Don’t get me wrong I love a B&M bargain but the pieces I fall in love with tend to come with a bit of a price tag.”

He said as soon as Mrs Hinch promoted a new cleaning product he jumped in the car and picked up it.

“I love nothing more than sitting down with a brew and watching Sophie’s stories on Instagram,” he said. “I find her hilarious, a breath a fresh air. 

“If I’ve had a bad day she always cheers me up. Iif she’s got a new cleaning tip, that’s it I’m rifling through my cupboards trying to see if I’ve got what I need to try it out.

“As everything she first promotes sells out in the hour I’m straight in the car and if I’m successful I buy at least five and that’s before trying it.”

He said friends and family loved their home - but the odd online troll had been mean.

“I get it ALL grey isn’t for everyone but it certainly is for us,” he said. “We love it.”

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