With December just around the corner, Advent calendars are flying off supermarket shelves.

Buying them can often be a needlessly stressful exercise with potentially Christmas-ruining consequences - such as children being subjected to mini Bounty bars two days in a row.

In a bid to stop kids having all the fun, stores have increasingly started to release adult Advent calendars in recent years, with treats such as booze and cheese behind the numbered doors.

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This year, Supermarket giant Aldi has released a smorgasbord of alcoholic Advent calendars, ranging from gin to wine and even a 'sparkling' calendar - featuring prosecco and other bubbly delights.

Manchester Evening News has tasked me with giving the store's beer Advent calendar a whirl and giving my thoughts. I know... it's a tough life. It really is.

Inside Aldi, you an buy the '12 Beers of Christmas' for £24.99.

While not strictly an Advent calendar as it is only 12 days long, it is still named as such on the box.

The full 24-day edition is an online-exclusive coming in at £44.99 but just contains the same 12 beers anyway, albeit two of each rather than one.

Tom Molloy with his '12 Beers of Christmas' Aldi Advent calendar
Tom Molloy with his '12 Beers of Christmas' Aldi Advent calendar

The beers on offer are:

I have to confess that I am actually more of a cider drinker but who am I to turn down a dozen of Aldi's very finest craft beers.

My first observation is that it is obviously much heavier than a regular advent calendar so you may have issues trying to stick it to the living room door like my mum used to do with mine.

The beer behind day one on my calendar was 'Sharp Tongue' - the grapefruit pale ale. This turned out to be one of my favourites of the week.

Sharp Tongue was one of the highlights

I did not hold out much hope for the imaginatively-named 'Lager' but this was light, refreshing and another highlight.

I also enjoyed 'We're Jamming'. It was not red in colour as I expected but the strawberry flavour was subtle enough that it was not too sweet or sickly like some other similar drinks can be.

'Perfect Storm' gets a shout out as well, even if it is just for its eye-catching can design.

The stunning can design of Perfect Storm

Onto the not so good...

As a huge chocolate orange fan, I was very excited for 'Peeling Good' but sadly it did not live up to my expectations.

Nor did 'Stout About It', which catfished me with a delicious first sip and then seemed to lose that hit of vanilla that could have made it my favourite.

Peeling Good was a disappointment

Both of the calendar's double IPAs were on back-to-back days and this was a bold choice which I am sorry to say did not pay off.

The other beers that I haven't named are all somewhere in the middle for me, but would no doubt be loved by craft beer aficionados.

If you have a beer lover in your life then this should go down a treat with them. Meanwhile, if Aldi are reading; do the right thing and bring out a cider Advent calendar.

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