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I texted a list of backup people to invite them to our wedding last minute – people say it’s rude, but I don’t regret it

WEDDINGS are stressful, there's no doubt about that. But deciding on who to invite and who to cull can be the trickiest task of all.

But one bride wasn't too worried about her guest list at all, in fact, she texted a bunch of people last minute just to fill the seats.

Writing for Insider, Anna Medaris Miller said her approach goes against wedding etiquette and some people might even be offended by the move.

It was a month out from Anna's big day when she realised they had 30 fewer people than the expected 180 in attendance.

Knowing there were some friends and family who didn't make the cut originally, she took the opportunity to invite them along.


Along with a snap of the wedding invitation, Anna texted them saying: "We have extra space at our wedding and would love for you to come if you are free."

And to her surprise most agreed and were able to celebrate their big day.

She doesn't regret the last-minute move as having an "A and B list" is completely normal, she said - or at least according to wedding etiquette specialist, Anne Chertoff.

Anne reckons having two lists is certainly the way to go and it's the only way to narrow down who you want to be there.

But "you don't want anyone to think they're an after-thought," she said, so a text is a no-no - you send them a paper invite instead.  

Defending her decision Anna said: "We never really created a solid "B-list" at the beginning of wedding planning. Rather, we realized closer to the day — which had been postponed for over a year — that there were people we wanted as guests we'd become closer to or wanted to become closer to, throughout the pandemic. 

"And second, by the time we were ready to invite them, the RSVP date on the invitation had passed. Plus, the physical invites were at my parent's house, and they were out of town.

"Time was too tight to get real invitations in the mail and delivered. If we had, no one would have been fooled that they'd been on the A-list anyway. "

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