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I started my son cooking at 14 months, now he’s three and regularly whips up meals like chilli for the whole family

AFTER her three-year-old son went viral for cooking dinner by himself, this mum explains that she has been teaching her son to cook since he was just 14 months old.

Mum and Tiktok user Laura explains in her recent video how she got her son to cook at such a young age, and why she thinks it’s safe for him to use a cooker - but some say a three-year-old shouldn’t be anywhere near a stove top. 

Laura says she started teaching her son how to cook as soon “as he was able to follow simple commands, such as ‘can you pour this in the bowl?’”.

She says, however, that she took lots of precautions when she was first teaching him.

“When they’re that little, you need to set up the environment, have everything pre-portioned, and use containers that a little one can hold”, she explains.

The mum also says that she started with the simplest cooking preparation tasks, like “pouring, scooping, mixing, shucking corn, and buttering pans”.

The tot didn’t use any recipes that involved heat at first, but made smoothies and parfaits instead.

Training him with a cold stove was the key to his understanding, Laura says.

She explains: “Before he ever touched a stove I made sure that he understood the danger that comes with it. 

“We also did test-runs with the stove off and I made sure that he knew to touch the handle, and not the pan. If he touched the pan I corrected him.”

Even once the cooker was turned on, Laura says she used extremely low heat and was always supervising her son.  

On the original video, in which Laura’s son cooks dinner for the entire family, many commenters weren’t happy about the tot using the cooker.

“Very dangerous. Not cool or cute”, said one viewer.

Another wrote: “Erm… I don’t agree at that age, should be playing, even play cooking, not genuinely near the stove.”

“This is too dangerous as they may try when elders are not around. Be careful and safe”, said one concerned viewer.

Some, however, were very impressed with the tot’s technical skill.

“Tell the Karens to BACK OFF, you’re raising a BEAUTIFUL BOY who will turn into the best CHEF!”, said one encouraging follower.

One even said that cooking is “WAY funner” for kids than playing with toys.

“For anyone judging: letting your kids cook is actually a really great learning activity for cognitive development!!”, asserted one commenter.

How to safely teach your little chef

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