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I posted a photo of my "postnatal bump" online – people think I'm still pregnant

Bumping along

Based on the movies we have grown up and watched, I They thought that childbirth was just related, timed the contractions, rushed to the hospital, and immediately jumped out of the child.

But if you've experienced it yourself, you'll find that it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Midwives also need to deal with the placenta and potential tears, without much detail.

And the A-List celebrity made us believe that we would "snap back" to the baby's front body within a few weeks, but Katie Marie, a mother of four. Knows that this is not always the case.

Earlier this month, a US-based mother shared a photo of her baby's bump taken when she reached the end of the third semester.

Over 2.3 million viewsViral TikTok videocompared to the stomach immediately after giving birth to twins.

In her first photo, Katie was carrying the bumps quite high and the skin on her stomach was taut.

But when she welcomed her bunch of joy, it dropped dramatically-as expected.

It may not be a shock to the woman who experienced it, but Katie's postnatal bump size surprised millions of viewers.

When asked if she was still pregnant, one wrote, "There is another."

From experience, the third asked, "When I gave birth, her sister came to see her baby and said," Why do you still look pregnant? " Told.

Fourth addition: "At first, I was completely hoping to flatten again and was shocked when I looked like I was still 6 months pregnant.

"Thank you for sharing." "My stomach looked the same after giving birth to twins, and I was very angry about it, but now I'm so lonely. I don't feel it! "