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I made the world’s first ‘pregnancy belly mask’ to help my sister & cashed in £135k in four MONTHS


WHEN Ruth Carr saw her sister struggling with irritated skin during pregnancy, she was desperate to help her.

The solution, the world's first 'pregnancy belly mask', turned out to be a hit - and has made Ruth £135,000 in four MONTHS.

The mum-of-three, from Melbourne, launched Bump Body back in February, to help prevent itching, dryness, scarring and stretch marks during pregnancy.

Ruth, 40, spent months trying to find a solution when her own sister was suffering - but soon realised "no product existed" at the time.

"It was my sister's pregnancy that sparked the idea, as she wasn't coping physically and mentally," she told Daily Mail Australia. 

"I wanted to pamper her with something whilst also attending to her unbearably itchy, irritated and stretching bump - something I myself struggled with too during my three pregnancies.'

"It was at this point that I truly realised what my vision had become - to create a natural, safe product that gives all mothers some needed pamper time, allowing them to bond with their bump."

Bump Body has turned over AUS$250,000 in the last four months - after Ruth reached out to entrepreneurs Alex Tran and Karl Devic, both 25, to help bring her vision to life.

Each of three invested $60,000 of their own cash to get the product off the ground.

The Australian Belly Mask is 100 per cent natural, and rich with essential vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal, soothe and nourish the skin. It costs £35 ($64.95).

The ingredients include apricot kernel oil - to increase the skin's elasticity, moisture and hydration - and aloe vera and avocado oil, to help repair damaged cells.

"Initially we wanted to create a sheet belly mask but we discovered that it was difficult to locally source this product and the ingredients required," Ruth said.

"We ruled that one out and looked at the idea of a mask that was similar to the popular face masks that are currently on the market, except to be used on the bump."

Ruth insists the mask offers "more than just skin benefits".

She says: "I myself suffered postnatal depression and know how isolating and exhausting motherhood can be; I know the importance of self-care and how vital it is to immerse yourself within a loving like-minded community for support."

Ruth will be donating a percentage of her profits to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety And Depression Australia).

Bump Body currently only ship to addresses in Australia and New Zealand.

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