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I’m struggling to accept how many women my fiancé slept with before we met


DEAR DEIDRE: I AM struggling to accept my fiancé’s sexual history or how he could be comfortable sharing his bed with strangers.

He is 28, I am 25 and we have been together for nearly a year.

I love him but then he told me about all the women he has had sex with and been involved with in the past.

I’m finding it hard to come to terms with it.

He has been with more than 20 women.

It is getting harder for me not to bring up his past or to ask questions but, if I try to talk about it, he just says it is history and has nothing to do with today or with us.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Try to think about what it is that is actually bothering you.

Do you believe it shows he was a shallow player?

Or is it that you feel threatened by his earlier sex partners and worry that you don’t compare favourably?

What matters is that he is with you now and committed to you.

Save any objections for if he lets you down now.

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